WESTWORLD Images Under the Microscope

Westworld_LogoOld-300x100It started with that crazy Vine loop. Yeah it is that one with the scrambled code and the fuzzy pictures. Now we have three more images to observe regarding the exciting sci-fi series WESTWORLD coming our way in 2015. We are pulling some imagery from the HBO “Yearender” and taking a look at a photo used by Entertainment Weekly from a piece that singles out the show as one to watch in the new year.

This post is not just about sharing the images in one locale, but to give a bit of analysis of what they may reveal about the series. First, here is a quick reminder of the movie’s premise as stated in an earlier post.

In this story, an adult amusement park opens up that features realistic androids that cater to the park guests wishes. There are three worlds from which the paying customer can play out their fantasies, West World, Medieval World and Roman World. To make a long story short, for now, the androids end up not sticking to their programming and become dangerous.

Now let’s pull the images from the Yearender ad that HBOWatch eagerly waits for every year and take a second look and see what we can learn.



This is obviously a behind-the scenes lab in the theme park. We have the high tech design and a humanoid form in the circular rack. A shot of this apparatus was also in the Vine loop. This might be where the androids are designed, built and programmed before being placed in the park. Certainly we will get to see the technology behind the park.

 Also note that it is likely we will see an update to the 1973 movie. The robotic devices used may not be exactly wires and transistors behind a plastic façade. This writer believes that the terminology and the science will be more modern day. All of those particulars will be something we will have fun examining when the show comes to air.

 The other locales of the park may or may not be a part of the show, but all of our images to date focus on the western theme. The next picture affirms that with the horseback riding shot. Though we can detect a male and female riding exactly which characters they are is unclear. Hit this link about series characters to assist you in forming a guess. Plus, there is the thought of whether they are riding for pleasure or riding towards something or away from it. 


We can get character specific, however, with the next two images. First is the creepy cowboy in black. I’m guessing this could be our “Bad Robot.” In the original film it was played by Yul Brenner, but here it must be portrayed by Ed Harris. That also might be Harris fighting with someone on the butte in the Vine loop as well.



The last picture gives us the actress Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as a “brutal bandit” named Armistice. Is she a guest of the amusement park enjoying the simulation of taking out cowboys or is she a robot gone haywire and picking off tourists? What of the mark on her face. Is it a tattoo or a bar code? We just don’t know yet. Even if you go back to the character descriptions you can’t be sure whether her character is a human in role play or part of the attraction.


All this is real early ponderings about the sci-fi series coming in 2015.  There is a lot to learn before it finally hits its premiere date. Right now it leaves us with some interesting thoughts. However, it is something creator Jonathan Nolan said tat really piqued our interest –

 “What we can tell you is that we intend to make the most ambitious, subversive, f–ked-up television series. The things that keep you up at night, any of those things that trouble you—that is exactly what the show is about.”

There is a lot to learn in the months ahead and this site hopes to do just that. Right now it leaves us with some interesting images and the notion that science fiction, not some dark fantasy, campy fantasy or dungeon & dragon fantasy, but real sci-fi is coming to HBO. More as we get it. 




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