Web Gem Wednesday – July 25

WebGemWednesday-300x225Web Gems is intended to give you an entertaining, and sometimes humorous, look at your favorite HBO shows and the actors that make them great. After all, these people aren’t just the characters they play; they are real people, with real interests. They do stupid and rather embarrassing things just like everyone else. But also show us just how awesome they really are. My plan is to bring you a collection of videos, pictures, tweets, and fan creations that I have found while surfing this thing we call the internet. Various sources have been used, multiple avenues explored, and everything is HBO related.

Today’s Web Gems includes vids and pictures from The Wire, The Newsroom and, of course, Game of Thrones.

All Five Seasons of The Wire Parodied Using Lego

If you’re a fan of The Wire, then you’ll find this absolutely hilarious. (Notice the great Game of Thrones reference at 3:05)


Short Interviews With Aaron Sorkin and Jeff Daniels About The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin on The Colbert Report:


Jeff Daniels on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

Game of Thrones: Between Heaven and Hell

Someone posted a link to this video on Reddit recently. It’s an amazing highlight reel of the best scenes from both seasons, and honestly one of the best fan created videos i’ve seen yet.

The Cast of The Newsroom Portrayed as Cats


An Illustration of Sansa Stark


Summer/Bran Wallpaper


What A Great Picture of a Few GoT Cast Members


Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol Apparently Has a Cameo in GoT Season 3

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