Web Gem Wednesday: Halloween of Thrones


Halloween is coming. Actually, it’s here and the realm has been flooded with pictures from Game of Thrones fans donning their amazing costumes and pumpkin carvings. In fact, some of them are quite amazing and deserve to be shared with masses. So, before all the freaks, goblins, and ghoulish creatures make their way into the streets tonight, please take a moment to appreciate your fellow GoT fans and their magnificent Halloween costumes and decorations.

All photos found via Reddit/gameofthrones and the official Game of Thrones Twitter account and Tumblr.

In the spirit of Halloween, HBOWatch would like to send out an invitation for all readers to send us pictures of their costumes and pumpkin carvings. It doesn’t have to be Game of Thrones necessarily; anything HBO-related will do. If you would like us to post your picture, please submit it to Charlie@HBOWatch.com, Tweet us at @HBOWatch, or simply leave a link in the comments section below. Of course, please feel free to also comment on your favorite or not-so-favorite costume. Thanks and Happy Halloween everyone!!

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