Web Gem Wednesday: Boardwalk Gets Buzzed; GoT VFX; Newsroom Interviews

WebGemWednesday-300x225Web Gems is intended to give you an entertaining, and sometimes humorous, look at your favorite HBO shows and the actors that make them great. After all, these people aren’t just the characters they play; they are real people, with real interests. They do stupid and rather embarrassing things just like everyone else. But also show us just how awesome they really are. My plan is to bring you a collection of videos, pictures, tweets, and fan creations that I have found while surfing this thing we call the internet. Various sources have been used, multiple avenues explored, and everything is HBO related.

Boardwalk Empire Gets Buzzed

The HBO segment “The BUZZ” caught up with the cast of Boardwalk Empire at the Season Three Premire last week, and they give us some hints as to what we can expect in the new season.


Game of Thrones Season 2 VFX

In case you missed it, the Game of Thrones technical crew won 6 Creative Arts Emmy’s over the weekend, included Best VFX (visual effects). Pixmodo recently relased a video detailing the immense visual effects that were created for Season Two. THIS is why the show won the Emmy.

The Newsroom Casts Talks about ACN and News Night

Fans of theThe Newsroomshould enjoy these videos. HBO uploaded them unto its YouTube channel and they are a series of videos featuring the cast, along with creator Aaron Sorkin, discussing various aspects of the show and their individual characters. Take a look.

Mission of ACN

In Brief: Will McAvoy

What is Newsworthy?

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