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The Young Pope is possibly the most anticipated show of HBO’s winter lineup this year. It’s a premise that seems to fit perfectly with HBO’s style and appetite for big budgets. Starring Jude law and filming, at least partially in Italy, The Young Pope is a sure contender for award shows this time around.

There are a few different ways to watch The Young Pope online for free. Let’s go through them below so you don’t miss it without cable.

Sign Up for HBO Now to Watch The Young Pope Online

HBO Now is the official app of The Home Box Office. You can download it for free and start a trial for an entire month. After that it’s about fifteen bucks per month to watch all your HBO favorites past and present including The Young Pope. Learn more about it here.

Try Sling and Stream The Young Pope Live

Sling is a service that doesn’t require cable and allows you to stream shows like The Young Pope live from almost any device. Most channels are on Sling’s service for $25 per month including ESPN and History Channel etc. HBO costs a little extra but it’s a cheap way to watch The Young Pope without cable.  You can sign up or explore the 7 Day Free trial here.

AT&T TV NOW has HBO for Five Bucks (and The Young Pope, of course)

AT&T TV NOW is a new kid on the block but they have the cheapest way to legally stream HBO around. It’s only five bucks to add it to your package and you’ll be streaming The Young Pope live in no time.

There’s a 7-Day free trial so it can’t hurt to give it a try.

Is The Young Pope on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon?

No. Most HBO shows are not on these services, particularly when they are new.  Sorry about that!  You’ll have to choose one of the other options above to watch The Young Pope online.

Avoid Streaming The Young Pope Illegally

It’s sometimes tempting to steal our favorite shows but by doing so, we hurt the artistic creators themselves. If HBO can’t count you amongst the fans watching The Young Pope online or otherwise then they won’t renew it for a second installment or make other shows like it. Vote with your dollars.

Have a better way to stream The Young Pope without cable? Leave us a comment below.

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