If you’re a real David Simon fan (of HBO’s The Wire fame) then you’re already on board to The Deuce. But this show won’t just be another realistic look at the life and times of a subset of Americana. No, The Deuce will focus on the adult film industry and star James Franco, among other hot names. This is an entirely different type of beast than your usual David Simon fare. Perhaps, for once. The Deuce will be accepted in it’s own time as a popular program, unlike The Wire or Treme were in their day.

There are a few different ways to stream The Deuce online for free so let’s go through them together. We know you want James Franco and you want him on your screen right now!

HBO is only Five Dollars with AT&T TV NOW

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to watch The Deuce online you should consider trying AT&T TV NOW. It’s only $35 a month but includes almost every cable network you can imagine. Much cheaper than cable. HBO is only five dollars extra which is the best deal around. Check out their seven day free trial and note that some AT&T wireless customers get a huge discount on the entire package!

Try AT&T TV NOW Free for 7 Days

Watch The Deuce Online with HBO Now or HBO Go

HBO Go and HBO Now are the two pillars of HBO’s streaming empire that now includes The Deuce. The former is just for current cable subscribers who only need a login to watch The Deuce online. HBO Now is a stand alone product that costs $15 a month and doesn’t require cable. Both apps are essentially the same and you’ll get The Deuce streaming on both.


Streaming The Deuce without cable Using Sling TV

Sling is a cable alternative similar to AT&T TV NOW where you’ll get access to tons of cable channels but in this case the price is even lower at $25 per month for almost the same channels. HBO costs a little more than five dollars to add on, though. Check out their channel lineup and seven day free trial.

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Is The Deuce on Netflix or Hulu?

The Deuce, like all HBO programming is not on Netflix or Hulu. They’re exclusive to HBO’s own broadcast apps as well as traditional cable and services like Sling and DTVN. You can purchase individual episodes on Amazon long after a season has completed (usually this coincides with the Blu-Ray release).

Watch out for Fake Live Streams of The Deuce

There are a ton of sites and services promoting a free live stream of The Deuce, Westworld,  Game of Thrones and other HBO hits but often they carry with them the threat of viruses and worse than that, they don’t actually work a lot of the time! Save yourself the legal headache and use one of the white-hat methods described above to get your streaming “The Deuce” fix.