HBO Go and HBO Now go beyond even what Comcast’s On Demand network offers in terms of full series streaming availability. You can watch an entire season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on your iPad on a long plane flight or rewatch Game of Thrones and all you need is the time to watch and an internet connection.   And it’s not just live TV shows like Westworld you can even stream and watch HBO movies online via the HBO Go & Now networks.

Add HBO to Your Hulu Live Subscription

You actually get a nice little discount on HBO if you’re using Hulu live already. It’s a full cable package without this high price and commitment. Give HBO on Hulu a free trial here:

Try HBO Free on Hulu Live

Live Stream HBO with Sling

Sling is a lot like DIRECTV NOW below except the base cost is much lower at only $25. It includes a ton of cable channels and should be just as good as traditional cable in terms of content. HBO is an add on but you can use the seven day free trial and decide if this setup works for you. It’s certainly the cheapest way we know to get a light streaming package.

Try Sling Free for 7 Days

The Difference Between HBO Go & HBO Now

HBO Go and HBO Now are basically two sides of the same coin. Both offer access to all previous seasons of all HBO series. They both offer access to HBO’s library of movies and documentaries.  Both are available as apps on your favorite devices.  The difference lies in how you subscribe to these services.  With HBO Go, you’re getting access to the app via a normal cable subscription.  So if you’re a Comcast customer you’ll log into HBO Go with your Comcast credentials.  HBO Now is a bit different.  You don’t need a cable subscription at all!  You can just sign up online and start watching HBO right then and there.  Each one has it’s advantages but you’re not missing out by using either one.  They’re both essentially the same app and content but with different ways of subscribing to HBO.


HBO is leading the way with this so-called Netflix-killer app that is taking the world by storm. Head over to to register your HBO subscription today and start watching all of your favorite movies and series online now!  Or if you prefer, is the way to go if you don’t have cable.

Older HBO Shows are Streaming on Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and you’re trying to watch an older HBO show like The Sopranos or Sex and the City stop what you’re doing and head over there now because older HBO shows stream free with a Prime subscription. You get a free month when you sign up so there’s really no excuse not to when you factor in the free shipping on Amazon stuff as well as the large streaming video library. Give it a try.

Watch HBO with Prime

Try DIRECTV NOW for Free and Add HBO for $5

This is actually the cheapest way to get HBO online that we know of. You subscribe to DIRECTV’s new service for about $35 which gives you tons of channels (almost all cable channels you could think of) and then for $5 more you can add HBO. Usually it’s about $15.  Give it a shot!  There’s a 7-Day free trial so it can’t hurt to give it a try.

UPDATE: DIRECTV NOW is offering a $25 discount on the service for anyone who has AT&T Unlimited (AT&T is the parent company of DIRECTV. They’re also throwing in HBO for free which is pretty amazing. This is the best deal in town, folks.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Where to Watch HBO Live Online (HBO NOW)

HBO Go is an app that can be installed on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device and it has just recently been released for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming platform and on Apple devices.

Platform  Info & Availability      Streaming via Web Browser
Android       Downloadable App Available
iOS (iPhone & iPad)       Downloadable App Available
Xbox / Xbox One      Download from Xbox Dash
Playstation 4   On PS3 Now – And PS4!
Nintendo Wii U No Application Yet – TBD
Apple TV / AirPlay HBO Go Now Supported
Chromecast  Now Supported!
Kindle Fire Downloadable App Available
Samsung Smart TVs Application Included
Roku Available (HBO Now too!)
Hulu, Hulu Plus    Very Limited (Boxing, News)
Netflix  Not Available
Amazon Video Episodes Available for Purchase
Google Play Episodes Available for Purchase
Amazon Fire TV HBO Go App Coming Soon
Amazon Prime Older Episodes Available
DISH Anywhere Downloadable DISH Anywhere App
Comcast / Xfinity Downloadable Xfinity TV Go App
Verizon FIOS HBO Go Login Available
Cox Cable HBO Go Login Available

HBO Go has evolved into a product (HBO Now) that anyone, anywhere can subscribe to for access streams of Game of Thrones, True Blood, True Detective, Girls, Curb, Hard KnocksHBO Docs even HBO’s latest: The Leftovers and all of their other hit series including premium Boxing events.  HBO Now is only $15 per month and you can try it for free for 30 days.

Other Ways to Live Stream HBO Content

We know there are some live HBO streams out there as well but those are obviously completely unauthorized and are usually low resolution.  You don’t want to experience Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire on an unofficial, non-HD streaming site surrounded by crazy, russian-bride ads do you? What about John OliverReal Time with Bill Maher, Animals or Vice? You don’t want to taint that experience. Give one of the legal, legit methods above a try instead of pirating HBO’s content.