VINYL: Key Art, Trailer #2 and Mick Jagger Quotes


How many of you knew that Mick Jagger came up with the concept for the upcoming series VINYL? According to our  main source, Rolling Stone, the magazine not his bandmates, he pictured it as an epic movie that would chart the history of the music business over several decades. And thus, the series we will see debut on February 14, was conceptualized by none other than one of the seminal musical artists of the day.

 Luckily Jagger had a top-notch director he would pitch his spiel to in Martin Scorsese. The director is no stranger to the music scene as he has filmed such icons as The Band and Bob Dylan and, as luck would have it, The Rolling Stones. Jagger pitched his idea:

“An epic tale of two friends and their 40 years in the music industry from the early days of R&B to contemporary hip-hop.”

 It was set for Disney initially. Of the movie concept Jagger said –

“It was very sprawling. And as TV became more refined and exciting and interesting to make, we decided to do it as a series.”

People_MickJagger-300x169With that the HISTORY OF MUSIC project came to be developed for HBO, as Scorsese was producing BOARDWALK EMPIRE, and easily from that Terence Winter came onboard. HBOWatch started watching development from that moment on. 
 The big sweeping story covers the sights and sounds of the music scene with Richie Finesta played by Bobby Cannavale at the center. All of the raw, edgy music of the period will be represented in one of the natural epicenters of all the creativity. 1970’s New York City is that backdrop. Jagger calls it

“a pretty raunchy place. I like the milieu, “[The show] was always going to be set there.”  

 The above quotes are not a lot to go on, but it does give us a hint of the birth of this series and a bit of news to get onsite. You got to know that we are going to “get our rock on” when VINYL premieres. Are you?

 Here is the second trailer and the graphic shown serves as the Key Art for Season One.

(Source: Rolling Stone and Vulture

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