Vince Vaughn in Talks to Play True Detective Villain

vaughn-detectiveThough nothing is 100% confirmed we’re hearing multiple reports that Vince Vaughn (yes, that Vince Vaughn) is in talks to play a lead role in HBO’s second season of True Detective. There are supposedly four “lead roles” to be had for the new season. The first two are rumored to be played by Collin Farrel and Taylor Kitsch.  A third is supposedly a strong willed woman (the latest rumor for her is Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss) while this fourth role will be more of a villain.  Vaughn’s character may even have some ties to the mafia but little is known or altogether confirmable at this point.

Before you poo-poo Vince’s dramatic acting chops you should be aware that he has played more serious roles in the past in addition to his regular comedic offerings. The Cell, Return to Paradise and Clay Pigeons come to mind. Lest we forget where our now beloved Matthew McConaughey was in his career just before his stint on HBO.

We have little doubt that those who’ve been reported to be “in talks” about roles on HBO’s True Detective are actually “in talks” of some kind. But talk is cheap and often we find out that these “talks” fall through for one reason or another. We’re just bringing you the news as it happens and hope you can contain yourself enough to look at this realistically. There is no official confirmation on Vaughn, Farrel or  Kitsch from HBO yet but we expect to hear from the network very soon as the timeline for another late winter premiere date for season 2 closes rapidly.

We’ll let you know when production begins but we hope HBO and Nic Pizzolatto can pull this thing off in terms of timeliness as well as quality.

Lightning doesn’t often strike twice on TV but if anyone can do it– it’s HBO.


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