VICE on HBO Season 4 Debuting in February

VICE_Title-300x167We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that Shane Smith & friends at VICE Media or making a big impact on us all in 2016. In fact, the outfit is getting its own network this year when the History Channel station known as H2 becomes the VICEland network. Whoa! But, of course, VICE & HBO have a deal going that we have posted about often.

It was speculated by HBOWatch not long ago that VICE would make its presence early in 2016. This writer was hoping for the daily newscast that is forthcoming on the premium channel, but am happy to see that VICE Season 4 is up next. It has upped its ante and is offering a full eighteen installments of the program starting on February 5 at 11:00pm. I’ll be glued to it. Below is a sampling of what is coming our way:

Wow, “building a fusion reactor in your garage” is a pretty intense start. Then we see that Gianna Toboni is in Paris, France or thereabouts in the wake of its deadly terrorist attack; that might be Isobel Yeung in Afghanistan; only Thomas Morton would do a Mars piece and Suroosh Alvi is somewhere at sea and likely nowhere he should be and the same goes for Ben Anderson.

VICESeason4-300x197Be prepared for VICE to take you anywhere it needs to go to get to the bottom of what is happening around the globe. The correspondents and their cameras are on the streets among the protesters, in the labs with the scientists, behind corporate doors and in the war torn regions. VICE goes to every continent on camelback, helicopter and boat to spell out for us all the conditions on this planet of ours. Sadly, as Alvi states – “we are surrounded by conflicts, chaos and failed states.”

If you are not prepared for what VICE dishes out then go to a number of outlets to get up to speed. HBONow/Go offers a VICE Essentials package worth watching. Included in that compilation is the first three episodes of 2013’s premiere season, the news-breaking report from North Korea and reports on our rising oceans and the Cold War 2.0. There are elven installments all together so if you haven’t gotten on the VICE bandwagon yet that collection is a great place to start. Are you up for VICE? Peace.


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