VICE NEWS on HBO Announces Showrunner

Vice_LogoJosh Tyranigel, recently from Bloomberg Television, has just become the showrunner for VICE Media’s upcoming daily news show for HBO. His technical title is – executive vice president content & news. and it will be his responsibility to get the high profile big stories that HBO would hope to see and package the show just right for the HBO audience. Tyrangiel (pictured) is quoted as saying –

“I have a lot of confidence in getting significant actors on the global stage. I love business, politics, science, even entertainment news. What I really like are complicated stories, versus hitting people over the head with a hammer.”

Says VIPeople_JoshTyrangiel-233x300CE Media’s Shane Smith of their new producer – “Josh Tyrangiel has deep journalism experience but he also has the confidence to rewrite the rules, just as he did at Bloomberg and Time.” HBO CEO Richard Plepler knew Tyrangiel when they both were at Time Magazine and apparently introduced Shane Smith to the idea of considering him in this new position.

The most interesting part of this news for us is that the process for more VICE on HBO is on the way. However, a premiere date nor exact format for the show is yet in place. Our source states that Tyrangiel doesn’t even technically report to work until 10.26, but upon doing so will certainly get started on hiring staff including anchors and reporters. As noted, he will be able to draw on the 30 Vice bureaus around the world to put together a fresh take on the daily news.

Though the following clip is NOT HBO content it is an example of VICE News reporting and is one of the latest short form news clips the likes of which will be seen on HBO in the near future. It regards the illegal detention of a VICE Media reporter. Peace.


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