VICE Media Announces Web Series that Includes A Look At HBO Shows

Vice_LogoVICE Media recently started up a new web series on their site,, called The Real that might, from time to time, be of interest to HBO viewers. It is a series which will profile the true stories and personalities behind just a few of Hollywood’s memorable entertainment. The Real launched because a previous piece about tracking down a true life Walter White (as in the one from Breaking Bad) proved quite popular.

The series started on October 1 with a behind the facts look at HBO fave TRUE DETECTIVE. Series host Giana Toboni went down to Louisiana and linked up with two detectives, Special Agent Todd Teddler and Captain Stewart Murphy, to talk about a case of satanic and ritualistic child molestations that happened in Ponchatoula, LA that sound a lot like the crimes that played out for Hart & Cohle.

It is not clear here whether Pizzolatto actually used this particular case as a reference crime to work his story from, but you certainly can see it is possible. The real case has the same monsters, rituals and religious overtones and the locale obviously takes us right back to TRUE DETECTIVE. Of TrueDetective_logo2-300x300course, like host Giana points out Hollywood makes it sound like only two detectives worked on and solved the case. Hey, where is the Yellow King tie-in?

Okay so this is not exactly HBO programming, but don’t forget that HBO is in partner with Vice with its own series that’s coming with a third season in 2015 and some might just appreciate this look at what influence a favorite HBO series. Do you like The Real? The Supervising Producer for the show Andy Capper says:

After seeing how people reacted to’s The Real Walter White documentary, we decided to expand the concept and investigate the stories which may have inspired other hit TV shows and movies, such as True Detective, Weeds, The Wolf of Wall Street, Eastbound & Down, and more. All the films and shows we chose to investigate have strong online followings, and deal with the editorial themes of crime, drugs, and human lunacy — topics VICE has always been interested in.

Oh, did you catch that? They are also going to do a piece on EASTBOUND AND DOWN. Does that mean that there is a real Kenny Powers out there? Well, if there is Vice Media will find him and may just enjoy a joint with him to boot.

(Source: & BreitBart)

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