VICE: Extended – Additional Footage I


Since we cannot get enough of VICE here at HBOWatch we thought we should just punch you in the face with some more of it. There is actually additional footage to each episode that has aired so far; it is packaged as VICE – Extended. Instead of a super post of video clips at the end of the season we are going to dole a few out at a time over a total of three posts. Here is a look at the extra footage for the first four (4) episodes.

Episode One has one from Assassination Nation with Ryan Duffy. In the Philippines Ryan shows us more of the Backyard Gunshop.

They make it look so easy just whipping up a handgun out of scrap.

Here are links to the two previously posted clips related to the second segment Killer Kids of the Taliban (reported by Shane Smith) if you missed them:  Hardcore Taliban and Suicide Bomber Lawyer .




Episode Two has an extended clip from each of the segments. First here are two from Escape From North Korea. Thomas Morton talks about the business of Shopping for Defectors and Hanawon Resettlement Center.  

I’m  glad Thomas showed us this journey from beginning to end with all the steps in between.

And I am amazed at how well South Korea takes care of the defectors.

The next segment was World’s Most Dangerous Border. Shane Smith took us to the literal line between India and Pakistan. Here is Bajaur Raid followed by Pakistani Dress.


Shane will go anywhere and talk to anybody won’t he ?

I see why this one didn’t make it to air, but it is a light-hearted moment.



We move to Episode Three now and look at a clip related to Thomas Morton’s visit to the Gun School.  It is a piece called Church and School  Security.

That clip creeped me out as did the whole segment actually!!

The other segment from that episode was Toxic Iraq. Here is the Congressman Jim McDermott Interview related to that Shane Smith report.

I know it is 14 minutes; I understand if you skipped that one.




Three extra clips are available related to Episode Four. First up is one from Chinese Cockblock by Thomas Morton. You, know, with 50 million more men in China than women there is bound to be a booming Sex Doll Factory.

Man, I hope people are watching these… this one made me laugh.

The next two are from Shane Smith’s report on the European Meltdown and they did not make me laugh. Here are The New Face of French Nationalism and Germany’s Far Right.

It looks like it could be a powder keg about to blow in France and in Germany as the next clip shows.

Isolationism seems to be the desire of late. If they get their way no one lives outside their birth country.



Thanks for being force fed some more VICE!  Surely these clips warrant some comments, right?

HBOWatch will post VICE Extended Part II and Part III in the following weeks.


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