VICE Development Deal Not Affecting HBO’s Show

VICE_TitleVICE Media is a big machine with a website, YouTube channel, magazine and, of course, its HBO program. The media outlet has been growing so well that the big entertainment companies have been looking for a piece of the action. Even Time Warner, HBO’s parent company, was interested.  

 A+E Networks and Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), however, have bought into the VICE franchise instead. They have invested $500 million into VICE Media. Quickly, if you are not knowledgeable of the investors – A+E Networks owns, A&E, History and Lifetime channels and TCV is a investor group involved with GoDaddy and Expedia. They have infused the money in hopes of strengthening VICE Media and benefiting from that arrangement.  

But that develoVIceMedia_Shane-300x221pment does not affect the HBO show that HBOWatch has been reviewing. According to Variety, a rep simply stated that the funding “has no impact on the series.” If you recall HBO has renewed VICE for two more seasons. Season Three comes around in 2015 and Season Four in 2016 with both seasons offering fourteen episodes each.

That deal stands as an honored contract but what that means for VICE on HBO after that is uncertain. A&E just might want that type of program for itself. This writer, a large VICE fan, finds it interesting that had Time Warner made a move its HLN (Headline News) channel would have become VICE News. Damn, a great missed opportunity. So look out for more from Shane Smith and company! In the meantime, HBOWatch will enjoy VICE on HBO while it lasts. Will you?  


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