Updated – VEEP Season Three Teases & Trailer

Update: If the political intrigue of GAME OF THRONES isn’t enough (or is not funny enough) for you don’t forget VEEP. Here is the Season 3 official trailer for you as we count down to the big night of 04.06. VEEP premieres at 10:30pm


Update: This post now serves as a placemarker for the VEEP promotional videos that may come our way as we prepare for Season 3 for Selina Meyer and we are able to add yet another one. This season, debuting 04.06,  is going to be a big one as the Veep heads on the campaign trail!

Here is the latest.  


If you tuned in early as not to miss the GAME OF THRONES  Foreshadowing  piece than you might have caught the latest tease for the upcoming Season Three of  VEEP. If you didn’t catch it then here you go.


The show’s third go debuts 04.06  and, in this writer’s opinion, is a date not to be missed because VEEP is the best comedy HBO has right now. But you can debate whether you think that statement is fact or fluff in the comments below.

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