VEEP Season 2: Teasers, Trailers, Clips and Such

HBOWatch is trying something new here. Here assembled on one page are all the video clips HBO has put out (to date) for …

VEEP: Season 2 which premieres 04.14 at 10:00pm ET. Enjoy what I call the T&Ts (teasers and trailers)!

Our first clip is just a friendly one to get you into the head and world of Vice President Selina Meyer. It is called Selina Meyer: Did The President Call ? which showcases one of the running gags in the series.

All coming back to you now? Good! Next up is a couple of mash-ups then. Sadly there is not one for all the characters, at least not yet, but the three offered set up the characters nicely. First up is the Mike McClintock Mash-up. This character, played by Matt Walsh, is the Veep’s Director of Communications.

Next up is the Gary Walsh Mash-up. He is the Veep’s Personal Aide played by Tony Hale. That is followed by the Jonah Ryan Mash-up. Timothy Simons plays this character who is the White House’s liaison with the Veep. Hope you get a good chuckle out of them.

Again, there should be ones for Amy Brookheimer the Chief of Staff, played by Anna Chlumsky, Dan Egan,as deputy director of communications, played by Reid Scott and Sue Wilson, the Veep’s Personal Secretary played by Sufe Bradshaw. Maybe, they are forthcoming; look for them.

Now we move on to some more recent videos. We already have posted some of these recently so, instead of repeating them here I’ll patch you to the HBOWatch link. We start with the  Season 2 Tease which premiered back in January. We follow up with the longer Season 2 Trailer from February and even a longer Season 2 Trailer # 2 that came out in March.

To wrap up we focus on a bit more footage but these to videos offer some actual scenes from the upcoming Season 2. First is the previously posted  Season 2 Invitation to the Set. At a time of 1:31 it gives you a good sense of where the show is heading starting 04.14. Oh, and if you didn’t know it, but I think I referenced it once before, Baltimore Maryland is where VEEP is filmed and they got a building there that recreates the Vice-president’s office space. And finally a new clip for us showcases the New Characters of Season 2. Check it out.


Let me slip in one more link for you. If you love VEEP and want it for your very own here is the  VEEP – Season 1 DVD Trailer and HBOWatch’s review of that disc. Now if all that doesn’t get you to chuckle and make you anticipate VEEP than there is something seriously wrong with you.

Are you ready for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and company? Do you like Selina Meyer’s term in office? Let us know in the comments below if you love your VEEP!   Again, it premieres 04.14.

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