VEEP Season 1 Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Review

Veep2DHave you been fighting the winter blues?  Have you been craving a good laugh?
Well you are in luck because HBOWatch has been lucky enough to receive a copy of the complete first season of  VEEP on Blu-ray out Tuesday March 26th and fans are not going to be disappointed! It is chocked filled with tons of goodies for fans of the series. So let’s get down to business.


One of the reasons I love HBO shows is the network’s decision to let each show grow into its strengths. VEEP is a prime example of one of those shows. Yes, it is about the Vice President of the United States, Selina Meyer, played phenomenally with precision and nuance by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but it is also about all the people in her office, trying to find the VEEP’s purpose within the political world. The show deftly moves from putting out political scandals to visiting a yoghurt stand, to dealing with family with absurdity and truth, that makes watching the episodes multiple times enjoyable, because you notice things you didn’t notice before.

The supporting cast is a gem within itself. Anna Chlumsky plays Selina’s Chief of Staff, Amy Brookheimer, with laser eyes and perfect sarcasm. Tony Hale, magnificently conveys, personal aide to the VP, Gary Walsh’s loyalty and caring of Selina with determination and awkwardness. Matt Walsh’s, Director of Communications, Matt McLintock is a brash, old school D.C. hand. He is all bad jokes and profanity, and his delivery is spot on. Reid Scott’s plays Dan Egan, Deputy Director of Communications, the over ambitious player in this farce with sincerity and coldness that you can’t help but love to hate him. Sufe Bradshaw plays, Sue Wilson, the VP’s Personal Assistant with a no nonsense dry delivery that is perfect. Timothy Simons, plays Jonah Ryan, the White House liaison to the Vice President’s office, with importance and ego that it is understandable that everyone in the VP’s office hates him. The season was an introduction to this wonderfully absurd world of politics and power. The eight episodes of the first season are a through line to what makes Selina tick and how her staff and her deal with the situations they are thrown. The DVD is a wonderful way to reacquaint yourself to the world of VEEP and get ready for the new season.



The series comes on two DVDs with four episodes on each DVD. Watching the series on Blu-ray with surround sound, isn’t as epic as if I was watching GAME of THRONES, but the quality is clear and I picked up on lines that I didn’t the first time around. The picture is as if I was watching it on HBO, maybe even better. Also, I watched the digital copy that is included in the set, on my computer and I was very pleased with the audio and picture with that too.


This is the kit and caboodle of the DVD package. It is filled with tons of extras that fans of the show will get a kick out of and maybe become even bigger fans of the show. I especially loved all the audio commentaries for the episodes. The cast, creator, and writers of the series have a rapport so effortless and funny that listening to the commentaries is a show within themselves. Everyone involved in the commentary from Julia Louis-Dreyfus to creator, Armando Iannucci, to Timothy Simons and others easily move from trivia of the series, to plot points, to being fans of the show, to making jokes about their characters etc. It was a delight to watch and listen to them. I also was a big fan of the The Making of VEEP. It gives an in depth look at the behind the scenes and interviews with the cast and crew. Another gem is the PSA that is included in the extras and it is a prime example of the play on words Washington uses to convey nothing on an important issue. The PSA outtakes are comic genius because it is Selina speaking the truth when she isn’t on camera and not trying to be politically correct. There are also deleted scenes and outtakes and a VEEP: Misspoke, which is a clarification response to Selina’s remarks against Minnesota Governor Danny Chung. If you are a fan of VEEP, you will definitely enjoy the plethora of extras. I personally became a bigger fan of the show because of them.

Here’s a full list of the bonus features:

– The Making of VEEP
– “VEEP: Misspoke “
– “VEEP: Obesity”
– Deleted Scenes and Outtakes
– 12 Audio Commentaries
Includes UltraViolet™ so you can enjoy the film on many different compatible devices.


I think this DVD package is a must have for fans of the show. I had forgotten how great this show is. The cast and writers are amazing at conveying the absurdity of real life and the world of politics. The DVDs give you the ability to rewatch scenes where there are 10 different characters and you can see the difference of each character’s point of view and laugh at something new you didn’t pick up before. I am a huge fan of the series before the DVD but now I have become an even bigger fan because of the DVD. Pick up the first season of [amazon_link id=”B008BLCP0S” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]VEEP on DVD for $14.99[/amazon_link] or[amazon_link id=”B008BLCT5O” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] Blu-ray for $19.99[/amazon_link] (prices may change) on Amazon.

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