Two New Actors Join HBO’s “The Newsroom”

Jesse-Eisenberg-The-Newsroom-225x300Just when you thought the wait couldn’t get any longer for HBO’s Aaron Sorkin drama word comes that two intriguing figures will join the cast this June. First up is Jesse Eisenberg, best known for his role as billionaire Harvard grad, Mark Zuckerbuerg. The actor has already worked with Sorkin and knows how to deliver the lines. He’ll be giving a voice over of some sort in a reprisal of his role as Facebook’s CEO in the upcoming pilot. We’re not sure if we’ll actually see the actor or not but we can’t wait to see what he offers.

Next comes word that Terry Crews, who once took on the role Old Spice spokesman and took youtube by storm with his classic “your man could smell like me” commercials.  He’s also been in The 6th Day and The Friday After Next.  He’s signed up to play Jeff Daniels’ bodyguard and “life coach” in a sure to be hilarious recurring role.

The Newsroom begins it’s long awaited series premiere on June 25th and this latest casting news doesn’t make waiting any easier. Here’s the first and only trailer HBO has released so far:


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