Two Major Game of Thrones Characters Cast!

van-houten-and-dillane-300x208Author George RR Martin usually teases us with a clue as to the possible casting of his Game of Thrones characters but it looks like the story has been broken a bit early.

Melisandre will be played by Carice van Houten, a Dutch stage and film actress. She’s appeared in the movies Valkyrie and Repo Men. I think you’ll agree she looks just about perfect for Melisandre.

And Stannis will be played by British actor Stephen Dillane, best known to U.S. audiences by playing Thomas Jefferson in HBO’s John Adams.

For those who haven’t yet read A Clash of Kings, Stannis Baratheon is the late King Robert’s younger brother who makes a claim for the Iron Throne based on the assertion that Joffrey is not Robert’s son. Melisandre is a mysterious priestess and sorceress from the distant lands of Asshai who aids Stannis in his push for the throne.

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