True Detective: You’re Creeping Us Out, HBO!

It’s a crisp winter morning as I’m startled by the ringing of my doorbell at such an early hour.  My loyal dog begins to bark as I move to assure him that everything’s okay… or at least I hope it is.  I make my way to the door as I hear the sound of a large truck driving away.  It’s just FedEx.  A sigh of relief.  

I creak open the door and look down at the largest box I’ve received in recent memory.  A late Christmas gift, perhaps?  Did my wife order something from Nordstom again?  I bring the box into the house and open it without second thought.  That’s odd…

This box has seen some things.  And what’s with the masking tape with my name on it?  I’ve gone back to a state of mild-anxiety again.  What’s that on the side of the box?


Evidence?  I’ve never even BEEN to Louisiana!  Am I in trouble?   I couldn’t stop there…


Oh god.. I can almost make out something… organic?  My hand trembles as I unwrap the thing…


Okay NOW I’m in full freak-out mode, HBO.   The dog starts barking again… What have you sent me?!  My mind races as I slowly connect the dots… Louisiana State Police… ritualistic effigy… TRUE DETECTIVE!  Though reaching the maximum amount of creepiness, HBO has sent me an actual effigy from the new upcoming series with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.  You can see the thing and learn a bit about it in these behind the scenes trailers:

Here’s a still from that trailer: trailer-effigy

You can also learn more about these at DarknessBecomesYou, a mini-site set up by HBO to promote the show.  Don’t dig too deep though as you’ll want to save some surprises for the actual series!

Thanks for the wake-up package this morning, HBO.  You truly creeped myself and my dog out and I hope you have thought of a decent way of explaining this to my wife :)  But in the end I’m even more pumped than I already was to see the first episode of TRUE DETECTIVE starting THIS SUNDAY, January 12th at 9PM.  You know you’ll be watching at 10PM anyway for the first TWO episodes of Girls.  Why not make it an HBO Sunday this weekend?  Critics who have seen the first few episodes have already declared True Detective to be THE must watch drama of 2014.  Don’t miss it.

Update:  BleedpingCool also received a package and took a video of their unboxing!  Check that out if you’re interested in the video.


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