True Detective Premiere is HBO’s Biggest in Years


We’ve known that professional critics were in love with True Detective for about a week now but I don’t think HBO knew just how big this new series would become.  Going up against the Golden Globe awards and a number of other Sunday premieres True Detective ended up with 2.3 million viewers, the best premiere numbers for a new HBO series since Boardwalk Empire in 2010.  And yes that includes the Game of Thrones season 1 premiere as well (which drew 2.2 million).

I’ve written  about how ratings don’t matter as much to HBO in particular but they are a fairly good measure when comparing HBO series to other HBO series.  It’s more of an apples to apples comparison in that respect.

Here’s a critics spot with some reactions from the media:

Girls also broke some records pulling in 1.1 million viewers for it’s double premiere night, up almost 30 percent from season 2’s opener.

We’re only one episode in but it seems that many are intrigued.  We follow Twitter chatter for HBO programs closely and the response seemed overwhelmingly positive there as well.  Let’s hope HBO has another great series on their hands with TRUE DETECTIVE.  Catch episode two this Sunday after you watch the NFC Championship (9PM).

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