TrueDetective_OswaltParodyNot much to say about this one really; just wanted to throw a little humor your way. TRUE DETECTIVE Season One has been a treat for a number of us at HBOWatch. One thing we never discussed about it though was the humorous moments throughout. It just dripped with it didn’t it? (You did read sarcasm in that, right?)

 Actually, Martin Hart, through Woody Harrelson cracked off a few one-liners, but Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle, not so much. But Patton Oswalt, Joel McHale and some others sure did find the humor in Rust and we wanted to pass it along. Enjoy! 


Now after you have seen these we want you to weigh in on which one you think is the funniest. Here is McHale’s take.


The Oscar parody is next.


There are more out there including ones that splice footage into scenes directly like Cohle interrogating Justin Bieber and Marty Hart and even some poorly done speculations about Season Two. But, we leave you with this one!


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