True Detective Going for Best Drama Emmy as Opposed to Best Mini-Series


Those of us who’ve experienced True Detective come away from the series anticipating— no, expecting it to haul in a bunch of awards this year.  But as the first season is self-contained only eight episodes and features rotating actors each year one might assume it would be classified as a “Mini-Series”.  A good example of a modern anthology series by comparison would be FX’s American Horror Story.

This week HBO chose to submit True Detective to the TV Academy (the folks who hand out the Emmys) as a Drama series instead of the expected mini category.  This means two things: True Detective will now face stiffer competition for “Best Drama Series” against the likes of Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Mad Men where it would have most likely handedly taken home “Best Mini-Series Drama”.   And secondly it means that Woody Harrelson and Academy Award Winning Actor, Matthew Mcconaughey will be able to participate in the Leading Male Actor in a TV Drama category, a more prestigious award than acting in a mini to be sure.  Other supporting cast members on True Detective will also be able to participate.

This shift made waves because some believe the show should be confined to a mini-series given the nature of the series.  There are no clear rules that govern what is a mini-series vs a full-on drama so it is up to the networks to decide which category to submit to.  HBO also put forth all the regular names such as Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom and even True Blood along with most of their other original series.  This doesn’t guarantee they’ll be nominees, however as, for example Boardwalk Empire was left out of the Best Drama category last year.

HBO may believe that one of their other mini-series, Olive Kitterage with Bill Murray and Frances McDormand will be taking home most of the mini-series awards this year.  HBO usually dominates the Emmys with more awards than any other network almost every year.  That’s a big feat given the small number of series HBO has on the air at any given time!  We expect this year will be even richer for the Home Box Office.

A second season is expected and will feature entirely new actors and story arcs as True Detective is an anthology series. Casting and writing is now underway and we expect the official announcement on a sophomore season soon. Until then join us in the speculation game where Brad Pitt has been rumored to be involved in True Detective Season 2!


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