Update: TRUE DETECTIVE Season 2 Casting Rumors Start with Brad Pitt

Update: Brad Pitt Takes on Second Season of  TRUE DETECTIVE?

 We know, we know, we can go round and round on this topic, but go ahead and admit it, that this is fun! The rumor below has been out there for a while, but we can one-up it one better now. Here it is –

 Brad Pitt is this close to signing on for Season Two of TRUE DETECTIVE and supposedly it is only a matter of scheduling it around his existing projects.  We discovered this news via The Daily Star, a UK website, which, for some reason has awesome intelligence over here to pick up on this news before anyone in the U. S. does.TrueDetective_logo

 Now make no mistake that Brad Pitt has been close to HBO as of late promoting HBO Films: THE NORMAL HEART for which he is titled an executive producer. There is ample opportunity for him to talk to the bigwigs there. And it is a fact that he has a movie career, but IMDb lists two 2014 productions already in post-production (Fury and Voyage of Time) so his schedule shouldn’t be too hectic the rest of this year, right? Who am I kidding; there is no certainty of what else might be on his plate.

 Now let’s raise the question of who to pair with Mr. Pitt if he is onboard. Another A-list actor, male or female, may not be that easy to get, unless they’d do it just to act with Brad. He isn’t that good an actor is he?  But catch this, the U.K. site goes on to suggest that Brad Pitt may not even need a partner and could very well tackle the case on his own.

 What? That thought, of theirs not ours, seems to suggest that not enough of the scripts are even written because if Nic Pizzolatto started writing a two-person detective team for his case would he scrap a character and dialogue and start rewriting it to accommodate Pitt flying solo on this one? I don’t think so.

 In the end we do not have any firm commitments. Not from HBO, which has not officially announced a sophomore season or from Brad Pitt. Maybe, he is interested hinging on his schedule or maybe, this is still pure rumor fooling us until we are shocked by who will be the next TRUE DETECTIVE(s).


From March 17, 2014

The rumor mill is always a strong force in the entertainment business churning out ‘what if’ and ‘did you hear” all day long. Since TRUE DETECTIVE proved a success for HBO the rumor process now begins on what is in store for the inevitable second season. And the name Brad Pitt People_BradPitthas been buzzed about.

The British newspaper The Telegraph has stated that  –

Brad Pitt Pitt’s name has “come up many times” with the show’s producers, and his involvement will hinge on what his other commitments are. Pitt has developed “tight relations with HBO.”

Well, I don’t know about that, but he is a producer for the upcoming HBO Films: THE NORMAL HEART so if he was walking around the halls of HBO he might have had conversations about how cool it would be to be a true detective on the series. His name, however, is the first name I’ve heard as a possibility. The strength of the show is clearly the carefully crafted characters and Mr. Pitt just might be in the mood to try such a character of substance as well drawn as Rust Cohle.

The only other whispering of casting I heard was that one or both of the leads could be female. Though an official declaration that there is even a Season Two has not come forth there is the safe bet that Nic Pizzolatto is moving very carefully towards the likelihood. Also to consider is the director(s) for an upcoming season as Cary Joji Fukunaga is not on board to direct. Let the rumors begin!     


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