Latest True Blood Tidbits *Spoilers*

Joe-ManganielloWith all of the Game of Thrones hype these days it would seem as though everyone’s favorite vampire series has taken a bit of a back seat!  I suppose HBO can’t complain about having two of the hottest shows on television premiering so close to one another.  Fear not Trubbies, HBOWatch has kept it’s ear to the ground and dug up a couple of spoilerish tidbits this morning.

It looks like Lafayette may be getting in over his head this season.  TV Guide spoke with a number of the cast members about some of the creepy situations will be getting themselves into. Kevin Alejandro, who plays Lafayate’s friend, Jesus Velasquez paints an eery picture for his character:  “Lafayette and I go on a huge adventure where some unfortunate things happenWe end up having a very creepy breakfast with some really interesting people, and Lafayette has a real hard time with it. Apparently they’ll be scarfing down some of the following:  a cow face,  a goat tongue or poisonous snake venom. “It’s going to turn your stomach!”

Sam Merlotte and his fellow shape-shifting brother also have a bizarre encounter: “At one point, I had to match the trajectory of a hawk flying up to a trainer on a crane by jumping high and spreading out my arms to fly off,” recalls Marshall.  Confused?  We were too.  Apparently the brothers will be dueling mid-air as shape-shifted birds (hawk vs owl).  Also, “Tommy takes shape-shifting to a whole other level with a unique wild-card creature that will prove to be a game-changer in Bon Temps’ supernatural power play.” We will now begin taking bets on which ‘wild-card creature’ will change the game this season!  Comment below with your ideas.

True Blood’s 4th season begins on June 26th at 9PM on HBO.  Don’t worry Game of Thrones fans, your show will be long over by then.  Let the vampires have the stage again, already!

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