True Blood SPOILERS: Rumors of Major Death in Season 6

Rumors have been circulating that a major character, many are speculating that character will be Eric Northman, will die at the end of True Blood’s sixth season. The past two seasons have involved rumors  that the show wouldn’t be renewed for a next season, and have also included rumors Eric Northman would not survive. So, if multiple rumors are true, and this turns out to be the last season and ratings won’t matter in the decision about who to keep and who to lose, then no characters would be off limits! However, the lead characters are all bound by a seven year contract with True Blood, including our beloved Alexander Skarsgard, and there’s no indication HBO intends to end the show quite yet!



Russell Edgington is dead. J.D. forces the pack to drink vampire blood, so Alcide kills J.D. and becomes packmaster. Tara and Pam have finally embraced their chemistry, making out like teenagers and making us all smile. Sam is still alive after flying into Rosalyn’s mouth and shifting into a human, making her head explode. But Luna’s fate is unclear after skin-shifting into Steve Newlin to send a warning about the vampires before vomiting blood and passing out. Maurella gave birth to four half-fairy, half-Andy babies. Bill stakes Somale, drinks all of Lillith’s blood, explodes, and rises from the vampire goo as Billith. Billith growls, Eric and Sookie run. And we’ve all been waiting as patiently as possible the past eight months for more!  You can rewatch season 5 on Blu Ray yourself on May 21 as well.


For those of you who haven’t read the books, you may not want to read the rest of this paragraph:  In “Dead and Gone”, the ninth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and the book to which this season’s plot most closely corresponds, Sookie’s cousin Claudine, also her fairy godmother, dies protecting Sookie. Also in this book, Bill Compton (who is NOT “Billith”) is injured saving Sookie, and while his injury seems fatal at first, he doesn’t in fact die.

While we can use what happens in the book to provide possibilities for the show, True Blood has obviously departed from the books in more ways than one. To name a few examples, Eric already killed Claudine while he was in his temporary state of amnesia, Lafayette survived past the first season  (great choice!), Tara is a main character (could have been done better, but still a great choice), and Bill became Billith. But to think they’d kill off the glorious, Eric Northman,  who I would turn Vampire just to be around forever, is just too unlikely an option unless Skarsgard requested his character be killed off.  Luckily, His response in June 2012 to whether he’d ever ask to be released from his contract is a pretty clear “no way”:

Q: In addition to True Blood, your film career is also taking off. Are you at all anxious to end your vampire duties?

Skarsgård: No, no. I love my work in the series. This is a great character and Eric is tremendously popular all over the world. It would be insane if I wanted to leave the series voluntarily. Right now I’m enjoying getting to do movies in between seasons and I’m trying to find good projects and see where that takes me. I remember what it’s like to spend years not getting any phone calls and not having any scripts sent my way. So I’m very happy to have True Blood to look forward to every year and I’m enjoying seeing my character and the series unfold. I don’t think it’s an accident that we have a very big following.

Eric-after-staking-Russell-300x195With that confirmation to comfort the Eric lovers, let’s talk about more likely candidates for the chopping block. People seem to be focusing on the fact that Episode Seven is titled “The Funeral”, which must mean no vampires die, since to kill a vampire one needs to unceremoniously stab, poison, or shoot them in the heart with wood or silver, which then causes them to explode into a disgusting pile of rancid vampire goo. Hardly funeral material, not to mention funerals don’t seem to be the style for True Blood vampires. This seems like a logical argument as it applies to conjecture about the death(s) in Episode Seven. But, those close to the show have made comments that the season has many deaths, and as the season progresses, the deaths become more frequent. According to Ryan “Jason Stackhouse” Kwanten, “There are more deaths” in season 6. “Some favorite characters may not last.”

If his “may” is a hint that we’ll be losing some favorites, here are my guesses as to the characters at risk:

195px-Robert-Patrick-300x271Jackson Herveaux: In December it was revealed that Alcide’s father would be returning as a regular character for Season 6. Since he hasn’t been prominent in other seasons, he would be an easy player to part with.






billithBillith: I wouldn’t be sad to see at least this incarnation of Bill to die. He can even “die” as Billith and somehow be saved (maybe with Sookie’s fairy blood) to return to being regular, boring Bill Compton.




2378648Nora: Though she’s recovered from her lust for Lillith’s blood, we have no idea what power Billith has, and if she’ll be drawn to it. Alternatively, in his search for M. Warlow she may get in Jason’s way. She’s not a character in the books, and hasn’t been around long enough to curry enough fans to cause a revolt over her death, so she would be an easy “main” character for the show to part with.






jasonJason: While it would be sad to see Jason go, he is so gullible, and lucky to have escaped Rene in Season 1, the Fellowship of the Sun nonsense in Season 3, and the wrath of the werepanthers in Seasons 3 and 4. Now he’s on a halfcocked mission to kill all the vampires on his own? One way I see this happening is during his quest to kill Warlow. If he is angry enough he may finally tire of Sookie constantly protecting the vampires and do something about it. If that happens, you know at least Eric and Alcide, Sam if he’s still alive, and possibly even Billith, would come to her aid, and could easily lead to Jason’s early demise.

I’m still hoping, if a leading man has to die, that it’s Billith.  But, if this rumor does turn out to be true and Eric Northman meets the true death, then Perez Hilton got it right, and you’ll find me in these varying stages of mourning on my couch, repeatedly shouting “Why?” at my TV.

Who  do you think should be the leading character to meet the true death?  Vote in our poll and let us know why in the comments!

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