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True Blood Season 6 Premiere: Who Are You Really?

by Tamara Winfrey
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Previously, waiting sucked. Now we have an action-packed, spoiler-rich recap!

Who Are You Really?

The show opens from Billith’s point of view as Eric and Sookie run through the Authority headquarters. Sookie’s fairy light seems to be intact, but will it help them escape? Jason, Pam, Tara, Jessica and Nora are splatting vampires in the lower levels of the facility, trying to free themselves. Sam, Luna and Emma get out, but Luna is dying from her wounds and from shifting into other humans. She asks Sam to get Emma out, and to keep her safe before she dies.

Is Luna’s demise the rumored major death this season, or is there more to come?

Eric and Sookie arrive in a car, meeting with Jason and company, who join them to ride to safety. The Authority building explodes, and they stop to watch Billith emerge from the flames. They take off, and Bilith hovers in the air and flies.

During the escape, the gang hears Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell’s press conference. We discover that 246 Louisiana citizens have died since the Tru Blood factory attacks. The governor institutes a curfew, and issues an executive order to close down all vampire-owned businesses. He urges humans to buy guns and stock up on wooden bullets.

Later, Governor Burrell secretly meets a representative of the Tru Blood beverage corporation. He offers her a government bailout to restore the Tru Blood factories with a former oil refinery, which he owns. The governor wants to keep the deal in a silent partnership. He claims this is to generate tax revenue for the state and to ensure his re-election. (Truman and Tru Blood? Did they think we wouldn’t notice?)


“It’s about damn time somebody did something about y’all!” “Shut up, Jason!”

Eric stops the car, and takes Nora aside for a chat, after he has an argument with Pam about honesty. Pam is upset that Eric never told her about Nora. Eric tells her to get over it and have his back, or get away from him. Tara tries to comfort Pam, telling her that love doesn’t have to be a competition as Pam cries in her arms on the nearby beach.

How bad will the rift between Pam and Eric get? Will Pam be the one to die after a bitter breakup with Eric?

Nora, who has devoted her life to the study and worship of Lillith, says that there is no mention of a resurrection in the book. If Lillith is back in any form, Nora says she must be destroyed. Jessica is upset that they want to kill Bill, and takes off. Sookie follows her, telling Jessica that they have to let him go, and promising that she is not alone.

Eric and Nora decide to ask Jason about Warlow. After Nora glamours him to find out what he knows, Jason is sick of being “brain-raped” and holds Nora and Eric at gunpoint. Nora reveals that Warlow was Lillith’s progeny—one of the first vampires. Sookie intervenes to keep Jason from shooting Nora, and Jason disowns Sookie as he walks away.

Bill summons Jessica, who becomes violently ill, and Sookie decides to take Jessica to Bill. Pam and Tara head for Fangtasia, and Eric and Nora fly to parts unknown.


“The only way to be pack master is to inherit the flesh.”

The wolf pack chows down on JD’s body, and Alcide joins in to become pack master. A pack female named Danielle offers herself to Alcide, as Emma’s grandmother Martha and Alcide’s love interest Rikki look on. Martha warns Rikki that the vampire blood Alcide drank to defeat JD will wear off, but power is a far more dangerous drug. When Rikki discovers Alcide in the woods with Danielle, she joins them, telling Alcide to never forget that she is his number one bitch.


“Hi, Daddy!”

Arlene and Terry are helping Andy raise his four new baby daughters by the fairy Maurella. Arlene has a heart to heart talk with Andy about his fears of parenthood. Then it’s on to diaper changing instructions as Andy becomes more comfortable as a new dad. The next morning, they awake to four girls who appear 4 or 5 years old, screaming and giggling.

Sam arrives back at Merlotte’s with Luna’s daughter. He hears noise, but it’s just Lafayette. Sam finds out everyone saw Luna morph from Steve Newlin back into herself on national television. If shifters were secret, they’re not any more. People on the air can be heard asking if vampires are really vampires at all now. Emma and Lafayette have a tender moment as Sam swears Lafayette to secrecy.

Will shifters become as hated and hunted as vampires? Will Sam and Emma ever be safe? Can Sam and the wolf pack ever make peace?


“You can’t replace him, and you never will.”

Pam and Tara debate how to deal with Eric. Troopers arrive to shut down Fangtasia even though Pam has already closed the bar, and a trooper shoots Tara. Tara doesn’t spatter, but her ultimate fate hangs in the balance as she screams in agony.

Has Tara been hit with one of the government’s new vampire weapons? What other horrors does the government have in store for supernatural beings?

Sookie takes Jessica to Bill’s place, with Eric and Nora following. After some scary moments in the house, they find Bill lurking on the back porch, all cleaned up. Eric rushes in to defend Sookie, but Bill is much more powerful than Eric now. Sookie stakes Bill to keep him from killing Eric, but Bill survives, pulling out the stake himself.

Bill insists that he is still Bill, but something more. Sookie tells Bill to prove that he is harmless by leaving Bon Temps forever, but Jessica insists that he is not leaving. She is loyal to her maker and argues in his defense. Bill and Jessica tell Sookie, Nora and Eric to leave.

Eric and Sookie talk about her future as they walk to her (Eric’s) house. Eric goes inside and asks for pen and paper. He signs ownership of her home back over to her in his blood in order to protect her. Sookie rescinds her invitation to him so that she can go back to being herself. Nora deduces that Eric is in love with Sookie, and says she knows his weakness now, even as they discuss how to find Bill’s own weakness to stop whatever he has become.


“Who the hell do you think I am, Jason?”

Rutger Hauer as “Niall,” wearing a musty-looking pinstripe suit and driving a vintage car, catches up with Jason and offers him a ride. Niall is very interested in Jason’s family and the Bellefleurs, and Jason spills his guts. When Niall asks Jason who he thinks he is, Jason tries to shoot him, thinking he is Warlow. Niall disappears and Jason must stop the car they are in. While Sookie sleeps, the parchment promising her to Warlow begins to glow with magic.

Is Niall really Warlow? Is he John Stackhouse, the “creepy” ancestor who promised Sookie to Warlow in exchange for… what? Or is he someone else?

Bill tucks Jessica in, and shows new abilities by stopping a spilled cup of Tru Blood in mid-air with his mind. Jessica is upset, and Bill says he is not sure what he is. He says he needs her, but she doesn’t know what she can do. Bill tells her about General William Tecumseh Sherman from the American Civil War. He claims power turned Sherman mad. He wants Jessica to keep him honest, and Jessica hugs him, happy to have him back.

Bill senses a disturbance in his home, and finds that he is surrounded by Lillith. Lillith jumps into Bill. He gasps, and the episode cuts to credits.

What did you think of the season premiere, and what do you think is yet to come? Tell us in the comments!

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MJ Snow June 20, 2013 - 3:32 pm

I was not really impressed by the premiere, it seemed pretty silly to me. Tara, Bill & Sookie were still annoying as hell. So far it seems no better than season 5, which was terrible. I’m not giving up hope, though! The previews for the rest of the season look somewhat promising, so I’ll try to reserve judgement for a few more episodes.

AHuff June 19, 2013 - 9:05 am

Looooooved the season premiere. and Please, forgive me if im wrong….but dont we see sookie asleep (and the fae scroll glowing) after she takes jessica to bill (and tries to stake him)? seems that would make more sence at least…..and I dont think Luna will be our major death this season….shes not a big enuf character.

Tamara Winfrey June 19, 2013 - 1:09 pm

You’re right; I need to go in and correct the sequence of events. I squeezed some things together trying to make more sense, and I ended up doing the reverse! :-)

Tamara Winfrey June 19, 2013 - 3:39 pm

Fixed. :-)


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