True Blood Season 5 to Reveal Vampire Authority

True-Blood-Season-5-Vampire-Authority1Mild Spoiler Warning: The official True Blood Season 5 production blog has updated today with a short blurb from show producer Alan Ball. “We’re really going to find out what the vampire Authority is all about,” he said.

In previous seasons we’ve never really gotten to see the inner workings of the Vampire Authority, a council of ultra-powerful vampires, and the highest ranking body that serves as the governing authority over all vampires. Based not only on comments made by Nan and Eric but also the brief glimpses of The Authority in season 3, a few more aspects are revealed about the group: There are at least five members, four male and one female; at least one member is American; and the institution of The Authority has been in existence for only several hundred years.

True Blood Season 5 Premieres Spring/Summer fo 2012.  A late June air date would be appropriate and consistent with previous seasons.

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