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True Blood Season 5: Only 3 Episodes Left

by Jacob Klein
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TrueBlood3eps-231x300It seems like only yesterday we were complaining about “waiting sucking” and cursing HBO for not getting True Blood season 5 on the air more quickly.  Now, as the summer winds down we all have to face the fact that True Blood will again go dark for the season.  But fear not, Trubies!  True Blood season 6 has been announced and a premiere date of next summer is certainly expected.  So find yourself a coffin or a dark brick of concrete to keep your mortal self fresh for eight months or so.  Here’s a bit of a teaser trailer that HBO has put together in honor of the final 3 episodes of the latest season.  We know it’s bitter sweet but the season on the air right now is just heating up.  What’s up with Bill?  Will Eric survive to see another season?  Could Lafayette be any more clever with his zingers?  Find out as True Blood concludes sooner than you’d like.  Here’s that trailer I mentioned.

Dry those blood tears from your eyes, friend.  True Blood isn’t over yet!  Have you been enjoying the season so far?  Better than last season?  Leave us a comment below with your thoughts..

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