“In the Evening…” True Blood Season 6, Episode 7

RIP Terry Bellefleur. You survived the books only to die on TV.

Before I even begin talking about this week’s episode, let me say that I am very upset. #1 Reason? Terry is dead. Terry, who had a horrible storyline last season, is dead. He deserved better than this, dang it! Much better. Throughout the series he’s been a fairly solid person to lean on, a nice guy with a few quirks, and about as normal as a person can be for Bon Temps and “True Blood.” It’s an absolute disservice to kill him off, and that’s exactly what happened. I don’t care if it does accelerate Sookie’s storyline. At this point, killing off Sookie would have been the smarter choice (at least to me and lots of my friends and fellow writers). But Terry? No. NO. NOT TERRY. YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE! And then they didn’t.

One more thing and then I’ll get on with the review: what was up with Sookie and Ben/Warlow last week? (What are we calling him at this point? Ben? Warlow? I’ll just go with Benlow. That works). So, Sookie wants to prove that she’s a whore (her words, folks!) and has sex with Benlow while he’s tied to a tree? Uh, what? I think what made me maddest is that Sookie decides to play martyr and gives Benlow her neck. Out of nowhere. “Oh, you’re hungry? Okay. Here’s my neck. Oh, people call me the town here. Here’s why. Let me show you.” Then BAM. The horrible ending of last week’s episode. I still have nothing but a rage face and a giant question mark. I care more about the vamps in the facility because 1) Pam and Eric are awesome always, 2) Sookie is boring, 3) I want to see the Newlins hating each other some more, 4) whenever the storyline goes away from the facility, stupid things happen.

Anyway, onto the recap. Last week, Sookie proved she was a whore, Bill killed Governor Burrell in the daylight because he drank Benlow’s blood, Nora was infected with Hep V at Burrell’s orders, and Terry died. Terry Bellefleur was murdered. Yeah, he asked the guy to kill him, but still! His memories were erased by a vampire and all of the war was gone. Then the hired guy killed him. It was horrible, people. HORRIBLE.

All that said, this week’s episode was actually pretty good, maybe the best one of the season so far. Considering this season, that’s not really any kind of praise, but it’s better than the last few weeks. Staring at a pile of rocks would have been better than the last few weeks, but I think I’ve vented enough about that. I only had about five moments where I experienced logic fails and wanted to slam my head into a wall. That’s a compliment right there. Last week had so many head slam moments that I could have caused permanent brain damage. Like I said, a pile of rocks would have been better.

Even Pam needs therapy after last week’s episode.

I’ve tried to segment this the best way I can, which is by character/scene. Some will be chronological, the rest will be as it happens. That’s how we’re rolling this week. Basically, here’s your brief summary: Eric escapes the Facility with Nora, but not before having Willa warn Pam about Hep V being put in the TruBlood; Benlow thinks sex with Sookie in Fairy Land means they’ll get married (uh, what?); Sookie goes to the cemetery to console Arlene, who is understandably hysterical; Sam calls Lafayette and plans to return to Bon Temps to be with his friends; Sookie and Lafayette go to the lockbox (remember when Terry gave Lafayette that key?) and find a big fat life insurance policy; Eric subjugates himself to Bill in hopes of saving Nora, but no luck; Sarah Newlin finds a way to cover up Gov. Burrell’s murder and takes over the Facility and all vampire matters; Jason reunites with Jessica, who friendzones Jason in favor of the vamp who wouldn’t have sex with her last week; Alcide’s dad make Alcide feel bad because Alcide wants to be in a pack; and, lastly, Nora dies in Eric’s arms, which was horrible. The show ends with Eric, fangs out, looking at Bill with hatred.

Here are some more details, if you’re curious.
At the Facility…
During their escape, Eric tells Willa to stay behind and warn Pam that Hep V is in the TruBlood and to not drink it. Pam and Willa amazingly don’t kill each other, but Pam is still the Queen of Sarcasm with her hate of Willa. Have I told you how awesome Pam is? Because Pam is awesome. Pam is later found on the psychiatrist couch talking with Dr. Overlark, and somehow it turns into a sexual innuendo things. Doc wants inside Pam’s head “very much.” Pam obliges because Pam is getting perks from the doctor.

Jason finds a way to reunite with Jessica, only to have her feel a lot of guilt over eating the fairy children. It was pretty horrible of you, Jess, so I say that the self-hate is fully justified. Jason, however, is here to save you, so be quiet and get yourself out of there: “I came to help you… My thoughts ain’t always so clear, but my heart, it ain’t never been so clear that I wanna do right by you.” Jessica’s reply is basically, “I know what’s going to happen. I die. No biggie, don’t care. Did I tell you I’m feeling guilty?”

Jason says that bad things – like being forced to have sex at the Facility – will never happen to her again. Jessica answers with “You cannot stop bad things from happening to me. We don’t live in that kind of world… All you can do is go on being the sweet, wonderful man you are.” Oh man, did Jessica really just friendzone Jason Stackhouse? Did that just happen? Yes, everyone, it did, because Jessica is stupid. Also, anyone else getting a Bella-Edward vibe there? Yeah, me too. Just checking!

Thou shalt not friendzone Jason Stackhouse for this guy!

Jason goes to get James, the vampire Jessica decided not to have sex with. We learn that James’ fang was broken or chipped or damaged because he refused to have sex with her. But hey, it’s a different day, so let’s get it on! Or something like that. I would still be all “Stay away from me forever!!” about James, but then again I’m not a vampire, thank God. Jessica says that James has humanity and is a really great guy, the kind that she wants to spend time with: “Everything about you is good and decent, and you have this humanity coursing through you. And in my last days, that what I want to know. That’s what I want to leave the world feelin’ apart of.” So BAM, time for sex. Thankfully Jessica is gone the rest of the episode, which is what she deserves for friendzoning Jason.

Sarah Newlin finds Jason at the facility and has him apprehended. One of Sarah’s minions pulls out a knife and stabs Jason in the arm. Then, bleeding terribly, Jason is thrown in the general female vampire population. Tara steps in to save him, but another vamp says he is hers. Looks like there’s going to be a showdown.

Eric, Nora, and Bill
In an effort to save Nora, Eric takes her to Bill and pleads with him to save her. Seeing Eric weak and subjugated like this is just more than I can take. Where’s my strong Viking? Who is this weak little man? Where’s my Viking??? Eric starts of his request by completely submitting to Bill: “I don’t know what you are. All I know is I saw Sookie stake you and you survived. But if you are God… please heal her for me.” And what does Bill do? Act weak and side with Nora on not using Lilith’s blood. It’s her way of dying! Let her go how she wants! Eventually, after Eric says he believes in Bill and that Bill is divine, it’s cool to use Billith’s blood for Nora. But first, Bill tell Eric about his visions and that he saw Pam, Tara, Jessica, and Eric dying that the “meet the sun” room. Their bright idea is to go back to the Facility and stop that. If it was me, I’d go, “Hey, I’m not there. That means the future could change! If I go back, well, I put myself in that room. Let’s not go back.” But I’m not a vampire, so that logic of going to the place where you will die is lost on me.

Eric raided Lestat’s closet.

Eventually, it’s just Nora and Eric in the room. Eric is praying to Godric for help, but there are no answers. We finally get the backstory on how Eric and Nora met. It was in a similar situation, where Nora was working with the poor, destitute plague victims in England. The king or some such royal man wants Nora back in his bed because helping the sick and dying is a bad thing to do. Eric is in a horrible looking costume and wig with “Twilight”-bad makeup. Not as bad as Benlow’s Marvin wig, mind you, but not much better. Anyway, Eric finds Nora useful and wants her turned. The plague scene is actually more disturbing than any of the deaths because that was real, not fiction. At the end of the day, we go to bed knowing there are no vampires or werewolves or whatever, but the plague was a real thing that wiped out a good portion of Europe. That plague scene was well done. Eric wants to take Nora somewhere more peaceful, but she says, “My death shall be my own.” Eric says that the king “called [her] stubborn, but he has that confused with courage, it seems.” Nora tells Eric to let Pam and Willa walk beside him now that she is gone.

On top of Terry dying last week, Nora’s death is just unbearable. It’s not fair, dang it. It’s not fair! I was starting to like Nora a lot, and now she’s dead. This show is as bad as “Game of Thrones” in killing off the likable characters. I’m so sad and mad right now. Poor Eric holds Nora as she decomposes and basically rots away in his arms. Then he turns around, Bill is in the doorway, and we can see Eric is pissed. A pissed Eric is a good Eric. Stuff’s about to go down.

One of the saddest moments ever in “True Blood.”

At the Governor’s Mansion
Sarah Newlin arrives “home” to find Gov. Truman Burrell and all of his security guards dead. For a moment I felt sad for Sarah because she has such bad luck with men. Then I thought, “Oh, wait, it’s Sarah Newlin, and she’s a horrible person. Never mind!” Sarah kisses that awful looking fake head of Gov. Burrell and says, “Know that your death was not in vain, for it will galvanize the forces against the evil we fight. This was God’s plan. And God is good.” I don’t know what to think here. Is she being overly dramatic? Yes. Are people going to freak out over this? Probably not, but who knows. That’s what next week is for, right? Sarah calls up a senator to “fix things.” Burrell was attacked but is safe, she says, at an offsite location. The senator will take over all legislate and Sarah will run the Facility and take over all the vampire duties. Uh oh. This does not sound good.

Sam & Nicole
Sam calls Lafayette to see how things are in Bon Temps and learns that Terry has died. Immediately Sam decided to ignore Alcide’s warnings and return: “My friend died. Not being there is not an option.” I commend Sam for his loyalty but he’s just asking for trouble. He tells Nicole to call her mom because he’s going back to Bon Temps and wants Nicole safe. They have sex in the shower before Nicole’s mom arrives. Nicole gives Sam her business card and promises not to talk about the shifters and weres ever. I have to say that I miss Luna and how she was written out of the series. That relationship lasted two seasons, and now she’s gone and so is Emma. Why do all of the good characters have to die? WHY, HBO? WHY

Alcide & the Pack
Alcide drives his dad back out to where his dad lives in the middle of nowhere. Papa Herveaux is talking about how nice the land is and such. Here’s basically the conversation, paraphrased a bit:
Jackson: Hey Alcide, don’t go back to the pack. Move over to this pretty piece of land.
Alcide: No, Dad.
Jackson: I hate you! You hate me because I live alone! You’re just like me and will soon be miserable around other people and become a hermit!
Alcide: Whatever. Bye, Dad.

When Alcide returns to the Shreveport/Bon Temps area, he announces that Sam and Nicole are dead and gone. But wait! Rikki & Co. found Nicole and her mom! End scene.

At the Bellefleur Mansion
Sookie and Benlow are hanging out in the Fairy Cemetery and Benlow thinks that now Sookie will marry him. Uh, okay. It is a big deal, though, because Sookie woke up with a man in the sunlight. Cue the proposal, right? Sookie brings up a couple of women’s rights things, like how they can now vote. Whatever, Sookie. I give up on your and Benlow’s logic. Sookie hears Arlene crying in the cemetery and leaves to comfort her. At first Sookie is wondering how to get out of the Fairy Cemetery that she got into without a problem last week and Benlow says to use her light because she’s had his blood. What??? Yeah, my brain hurts trying to figure that one out.

Arlene is lying on the ground next to where Terry was buried. I hate “True Blood” for putting us through this. Poor Terry. Poor Arlene. Poor us viewers! Sookie tries to comfort Arlene and takes her back to the Bellefleur mansion.

No, Sookie. You’re too bad a friend to be there for Arlene!

When Arlene walks in, she blames everything on Lafayette and the key to the box Terry gave him. Lafayette and Sookie to find out what was in the box and give Arlene time to tell her three children what has happened to Terry. How Terry was buried and the kids still don’t know is confusing to me, but, hey, it’s vampire logic! Oh, wait, these are normal people… So, in the lockbox, Sookie and Lafayette find a life insurance policy that Terry purchased three days before he was shot, which makes them suspicious. If Sookie ruins this and show that Terry hired the man to kill him, thus negating the life insurance, I will hate her forever. Even if they do get the money, though, Sookie wonders why Terry would do it: “When is leaving your family ever the best thing?” Very true, Sook.

When Sookie and Lafayette return, Arlene is completely drunk. I don’t blame her one bit. She has one of the best lines, though: “You know, before, it was like someone was… scalping my brain away one slice at a time and plucking out my heart with one of those little crab forks. But now, thanks to this [alcohol], it just feels like someone’s crushing my windpipe.” It’s one of those lines that is hilarious and demented and so sad all at the same time because everyone’s been through a loss like that.

Sookie and Adilyn communicate telepathically for a moment and… CUE BILL! Walking in the daylight! Gasp! Shock! Everyone is freaking out. He offers condolences all around, including one to Andy on losing three of his children. Only Bill could make these sad times so annoying for me. Something about him lately is so grating that I can’t stand him. And, of course!, he needs Sookie. Bill tells her that he needs her to save her “friends” – “Wait, Pam is my friend?” Sookie says – and that without her or Benlow, they will all die. Sookie asks him to clarify if he is saying she’ll be directly responsible for those deaths. Bill just says there would be blood on both of their hands. I hate him so much right now. There’s a whole hypothetical this and that thing, but it’s not super exciting. It’s still Bill using fear to manipulate Sookie. After five and a half seasons, shouldn’t that not be an issue/fear/thing still happening? Oh well, it is Sookie.

Next week, it looks like Eric is back to being a tough guy who stays mad at Bill. I love it. Here’s the preview:


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