True Blood Premiere Party Guide

HBOTrueBloodBoardwalkEmpire_biggerYou are the ultimate True Blood fan.  You’ve waited more than a year to find out what is going in the world of Sookie Stackhouse.  But now the wait is almost over.  In just over one week’s time you’ll be watching the season premiere of True Blood on HBO.  So with all of that built up anticipation and consternation, why in the world would you settle for simply watching at home, woefully alone?  Why not throw you and your friends a True Blood premiere party they won’t soon forget!  So get ready to send out those E-vites and log in to Facebook because HBOWatch is about to show you how it’s done.

Invite1-239x300Send Out and Invite – No need for paper, stamps or telepathy in this day and age.  Today the most effective invite is the Facebook invite.  Simply invite all of your friends or a select few but either way you’re sure to generate a buzz for your party by posting it on Facebook or whatever other social network you and your friends are on.  It’s easy to pair the invite with a video or two as well for those who haven’t gotten a chance to check out the series.  Link them to the first eight minutes of the show if they still need convincing!  You’ll probably end up talking to each of your friends individually about whether or not they’re going to show up but you might be surprised at who may respond to your formal invite so don’t forget to send one out!  Some of you may still be using the old ‘pen and pencil’ method our grandparents used.  If you’re wanting to send out an invite the old fashioned way lick on the picture to the right or download the True Blood themed paper invitation.

DVR it! – I know you’re planning on watching the show as early as is humanly possible (9PM EST/PST) but don’t forget to record it anyway!  Your guests may trickle in at various times and you may want the freedom to start the show a few minutes late.  You also might want to pause periodically so make sure the show is recording.  Can you imagine the look on your face if you lost track of time and didn’t have the show recording?  Do it if for no other reason than you wanting to watch it multiple times later this week!

Don’t Spoil It! – We know you’ve been following all of the True Blood twitter accounts and fan sites and for all of the latest on your favorite show.  You may have even read the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  You’ve probably seen the first eight minutes of the new season weeks ago.  But that doesn’t mean everyone else at your party will have done the same!  Some people are extremely protective about ‘being spoiled’ so keep that in mind before you go into your theory about Bill turning in to a (spoiler redacted) this season!

trublood-300x226Where are the Drinks? – Few people enjoy showing up for a dry party.  Some people may want to drink on a Sunday night and that’s okay by us!  We’re stocking our fridge with the officially sponsored Tru Blood drink / mixer from FMCG Manufacturing Co.  For about the same price as a nice bottle of wine you can pass these drinks around in their bottles or use them as mixers to make these delicious, Blood Orange flavored drinks. (see menu)  If hard alcohol doesn’t work for you the Tru Blood drinks are perfectly tasty without adding booze.  There’s also Trueblood Wine (no relation to the show) that I’ve seen at my local supermaket for 10-15$ a bottle.  And if you really don’t want to get too fancy you can either ask your guests to BYOB or provide simple sodas and water.  Just make sure your vampire friends don’t get too thirsty.

True Blood Tunes – It seems like a simple thing but the music at a party can make or break the entire atmosphere for me.  It’s often way too loud or so burred under the din of the crowd that I’m not able to enjoy it.  As the host of your network of friend’s True Blood premiere party you should probably have a decent home theater setup.  If not, position whatever speakers you may have strategically so that the most trafficked places in your house can hear the music at a comfortable level.   The most obvious way to get some True Blood tunes pumping through your place is to download the TB soundtrack on iTunes.  Now, not all of these tracks are appropriate for your party necessarily but why not download volume two if you’re still looking for more.  I plan on mixing in some other music with the True Blood soundtrack to form an interesting party mix to help maintain a carefree atmosphere that isn’t overly themey.  Ask one of your music junkie friends to help you out on this one if you’re not the man or woman for the job.

jason-lafayette-kitchen-300x199Bon Temps Fare – Vampires don’t need to replenish by consuming solid foods but most of us still love to do so.  Especially so when we’re talking southern eats!  True Blood takes place in Louisiana so the culinary doors have been blown all the way open party food options.  From corn bread to hush puppies to mac and cheese with bacon you’ll hit all of the right notes with these cheap, delicious treats that everyone will enjoy without fail.  If you feel the urge to get fancy you can also try collard greens or friend chicken.  And if you’re really not wanting to cook or clean all that much you can always pick these types of foods up from a local southern food restaurant and or even from your local grocery store.  If you’re providing free, delicious food and drinks to your guests, they won’t be complaining about where it came from or how it was prepared.  Just offer them what you can!  It’s Southern Hospitality you know. Channel your inner Lafayette and cook up some delicious grub!

HBOClassy-300x131Themey but not too Themey – I’ll be honest.  My True Blood premiere party probably won’t be seeing any guests dressed as vampires or fake blood.  For me, this isn’t Halloween and most of us probably have to work the next day.  This isn’t to say that a true Vampire party wouldn’t absolutely kick ass, because we all know it would.  But don’t feel as though you have to decorate with cobwebs or fake bats.  This is a classy HBO party you’re throwing here!  Your money, time and effort would be better spent on classy drinks, appropriate music and tasty treats for your guests.  You don’t want it all to come off as ‘cheesy’.   So just relax and enjoy one of the biggest premiere nights of the year surrounded by your friends and loved ones.  Be safe out there.

HBOWatch will be throwing their very own True Blood premiere party on June 26th as well!  We’ll post pictures of the event the following morning (if and when we regain consciousness).

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