True Blood 502: “Authority Always Wins”

Authority-True-Blood-300x166Most of tonight’s episode felt a little disconnected. There was a whole lot of talking (Authority storyline), and a whole lot of loose ends and filler plot (Terry’s PTSD, Luna acting a fool, Jason apologizing to Hoyt).

Tonight’s episode picks up with Eric and Bill in the throes of doom, aka The Authority’s creepy headquarters. Was anyone else totally entranced by how fancy and high tech the HQ seemed? I want to go to there. But anyway–after being tortured with UV light and pumped with a silver-infused IV, Bill and Eric come face to face wit the leaders of the Authority, and, more importantly, Christopher Meloni. What a drama queen he is! And I love it. And did anyone see the irony (read: my sheer glee) in the very L&O-esque interrogation proceedings going on before the dynamic duo faced the board of Authority members? Trying to get them to flip on each other and lying about Nora’s death (which, BTW, Eric should have never fell for because he obviously would have felt it if his sister had been slain)–so very SVU.

I want to see more of this board of creepy Authority chancellors. If not only to learn more about that awful tiny human vampire (I mean what the fuck is that), and to see if/how they differ from the only real Authority figure we’ve had a relationship with, Nan Flannigan. I’m also super intrigued by the “vamypyr” Bible and the belief system that goes along with that (I’m a big vampire lore nerd, so the whole bit about Lillith really got me going.)

And as you can imagine, Bill and Eric did in fact not meet the true death (surprise), but instead offered up Russell Edgington’s life. I had forgotten that them burying Russell wasn’t exactly in line with the Authority, but regardless CAN WE JUST GET RUSSELL BACK OR WHAT. I don’t like seeing a Voldemort-like Russell; he’s one of the best villains this show has ever seen, and I would really appreciate it if he could just get back with all the mayhem.

Tara-Vampire1-300x190Over on the other side of the world, Sookie and Lafayette are forced to pick up the pieces after Tara’s rebirth as a vamp. I am really confused about the events that immediately transpired. I understand that newborn vampires are all kinds of bat shit crazy and uncontrollable, but Tara was acting like a complete psycho, as if the damage done to her brain prior to “death” might actual leave her with some residual damage in her new life. I actually have been wondering that; if somehow she won’t quite be “all there” as a vampire, you know? All of her manic destruction and self-inflicted torment and pain in this episode had me really scratching my head. And not even a word uttered until, “I will never forgive you for this.” Which is no surprise, of course. I am (despite what almost everyone else feels) really interested to see where Tara’s story as a vampire is going to go. She might still hate herself, but she’s much more powerful now. What is she going to do with that? Also, nothing in tonight’s story about Tara/Sookie/Lafayette was a surprise. I totally knew he was going to threaten to stake her, but Sookie would stop him. Come on now. If this story is going to be at all interesting, you’ve got to start surprising us. I do hope Tara ran to Fangtasia when she bolted from Sookie’s.

Back at Fangtasia, after Pam has so nonchalantly left Sookie and Lafayette to deal with Tara, she sits in her own sorrow wondering what the hell has happened to Eric. We’ve known for a long time that this season would show us some insight into Pam’s backstory, and I was delighted to see some of that unfold tonight. I am very interested to see just what the circumstances will be in which Eric eventually turns Pam, but for now I will settle with the knowledge that Pam ran a frigging whorehouse! That fits so perfectly. Bitch was a ladypimp! Class.

In regards to her role as Tara’s maker, I do wonder if she’s going to take any sort of parental role with her. Pam has never been the maternal type, but with two acidic bitches like her and Tara in one family, lord Jesus that could lead to some hilarious conversations.

Like I mentioned before, tonight’s episode seemed to have a lot of filler:

Jason visits Hoyt and tries to patch things up, but to no avail (surprise). And it showed for next week Hoyt walking into Fangtasia wearing eyeliner, so there’s that.

742538_TB502_1102012_JJ_0242-200x300Steve Newlin the Vampire tries to pay Jessica to “give him” Jason. For a second, I actually thought she was going to sell him out! Jessica’s been acting like a wild child lately, and after last week’s flop flop with her and Jason taking home random folk, I thought she might actually go through with it. But she didn’t, and there was a bitch fight between her and Steve Newlin the Vampire that was kind of adorable, but ultimately nothing more (Jessica could take him ANY day). I think this whole “Steve’s obsessed with Jason” storyline is kind of terrible and headed toward a dead end. That being said, I enjoy Steve Newlin the Vampire, and if this is how I have to have him, then so be it.

Terry’s got some bad PTSD going on, threatening the (barely) happy marriage that he has with Arlene. I do not care for this storyline at all. I love Scott Foley, but I just absolutely do not care for this. We have already accepted Terry’s a bit damaged, and he’s had some hard times. But I was hoping we could get through all of True Blood without having his PTSD play a central role. As messy as it was, they found a way to include Terry and Arlene last year in a supernatural plot. I don’t see what’s stopping the writers from just creating something cray like that again. But so far, I do not like where this story is going.

Also, Luna started acting like a raging bitch. What was that all about? I almost don’t even care enough to write about it, but homegirl was acting all kinds of crazy. Sam is obviously on her side. Why was she acting like he wasn’t? And my poor, beautiful Sam has had such a rough go of it lately, I don’t want to see the one mostly-decent woman he’s been with in a while throw him to the wolves (pun intended).

The preview for next week’s episode looks like they’ve actually packed some real action into it. And more importantly, more Alcide! See you next week!


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