TREME’s Final Season Premiere Date Is…


December 1, 2013 and it will only be five episodes!

TREME’s co-creator David Simon said of the New Orleans series that

“We are going to be back for a season 3.5. HBO, upon viewing the 10 season-three episodes that we gave them and what we’ve done, they want to see the end of the story. They fought very hard to give us half a loaf. We’re going to take it and run.”

In order to see a proper conclusion to the low-rated series (at least compared to the other dramatic series on the network) five episodes are better than nothing. Publicity for the final half-season should surface during BOARDWALK EMPIRE’s run. Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of programming had this to say about TREME –

“TREME’s concluding episodes will provide satisfactory closure for the show’s fans. They end the show really beautifully. It felt right for the show; it felt like there are no stories rushed at the end. And it’s at the right resting place.” He also compared TREME to David Simon’s other offering to HBO in THE WIRE – “While THE WIRE was on, some people loved it, but it was really only later — after people reflected on it and saw the totality of what David had to say in that piece — that it became such a passionate reference point, so powerful and I think the same will be true of TREME.” “I think there were certain people that scratched their head along the way to say, ‘Gee, what’s David doing here? Why do we care?’ It’s a much more subtle piece than ‘The Wire,’ in many ways, because it’s celebrating the lives and struggles of ordinary people, but I think it’s equally powerful. I think that’s the experience people will have from the vantage point of time, and, I also think, feeling the end. “Absolutely, it achieved everything we’d hoped. And my hope is that it achieved everything David hoped.”










Now for a bit of speculation: TREME will air for five Sundays starting 12.01. The next three episodes will air 12.08, 12.15 and 12.22. I believe that it will skip the Sunday of 12.29 and run its final episode on 01.05.14 at 9:00pm ET. I predict that TRUE DETECTIVE will premiere at the 10:00 hour that same night!


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