TREME Season Four Teaser


Some call it Season 3.5 and others bill it as a Season 4, but either way, the upcoming episodes of TREME premiering on 12.01.13 make up the Final Season. HBO has now started publicity for what will be the final five episodes of the story. Here is a Teaser.  


Of course, this clip sets the tone perfectly. It has the kind of heart-felt music that underscores our lives and the images reflect the pains and joys we take. Yes, it is the story of New Orleans and some of its people. It is also about all of us as we all can relate to moments in the emotional journey these lives have depicted. There will be no mistake, I’m sure, that those who have followed TREME will be moved once again by their story.

 HBOWatch will update this post with any additional TnT’s (teasers & trailers) as they surface as we count down to the final season of TREME.    


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