TREME Season 3 Poster

Do you recognize everyone here? You should if you are a fan of TREME. They are the cast of Season Three of the New Orleans based show TREME on HBO. Together they weave a story about a neighborhood section of NOLA and their struggles after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.


This poster seems to indicate that this community is challenging the world to bring it on! It is saying we have endured anything that comes our way and that they can and will endure what Season 3 has to offer. There battle isn’t over; watch it continue when TREME starts on September 23.

Who is up for a little game? Who can list the people pictured here first? To help you out the one unrecognized person is new to the show this season. He is actor Chris Coy who will play a reporter. Just name the cast pictured in order in a COMMENT and HBOWatch will know who the real TREME fan is around here.


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