Togetherness – What Could Have Been

Since Togetherness ended in such an abrupt but perfectly placed way for a next season, I postulated what the third season could have been.

amanda-peet-120814-235x300Tina (Amanda Peet) gets pleasantly pregnant with Alex (Steve Zissis).  While at first Alex wants them to be a couple, Tina balks.  The two begin waffling over whether they can manage being a real couple, or perhaps co-parenting is the better solution.  The couple continues on-again-off-again throughout most of the pregnancy, but as the months come to a close, they both have to decide how they really feel and what they really want from each other.

Brett (Mark Duplass) and Michelle (Melanie Lynskey) begin going to couple’s counseling.  Michelle wants Brett to be more involved in the charter school, while he believes it should be her creative project while he pursues his own.  Michelle’s fear is that his independent creative choices will drive him away from making the marriage work.  togetherness2__article-related-240x240

Michelle and Brett have a moment of sure footing, but it is quickly knocked aside as Sophie (Abby Ryder Fortson) begins having some behavioral issues.  She just gets too sassy for her own good.  Brett and Michelle have to rediscover their connection as parents, not just partners.

Brett’s creative passion for the Dune play translates into a passion for theater.  He begins writing his own play but questions his ability.  In a moment of clarity with sassy Sophie, he enlists her help.  Sophie stops acting out and the father-daughter duo put on a show for the family.  In the midst of the show, Tina’s water breaks and Alex rushes her to the hospital.  In his moments of panic over impending fatherhood, Brett reassures him that he’s been like a father to him for years so he’s ready.  And in her moment of panic, Tina wonders if she might have to do it all alone.  After a tense and painful labor, a beautiful baby appears.  Overwhelmed with emotion, Alex proposes, but Tina is left speechless.

episode-08-300-300x168Back at the house waiting for the news of the baby’s arrival, Brett and Michelle pick up the remnants of Sophie and Brett’s play.  Brett expresses his enjoyment over his time with Sophie and the creative energy of working with children.  He knows Michelle wishes he could be more involved with the school, he’s just not sure how.  Michelle mentions the artistic base of the school, and how he was at the heart of it all along.  She offers him a job as drama teacher, and just like Tina, he is left

I’m obviously taking a lot of liberty with the story, but I think this could have happened.  Plus, speechless cliff hangers are totally a thing.  It could work.  I hope maybe this post can help ease the pain of the show ending. And for now, I’ll just have to wait with bated breath as to what the Duplass brothers have up their sleeves next, besides a second season of Animals.

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