Togetherness: Teasers and Trailers

Togetherness, HBO’s upcoming series directed by the Duplass Brothers, is set to premiere alongside Season 4 of Girls on January 11th. HBO has now released its official trailer, along with the original teaser (previously reported), for the upcoming season, which will air eight episodes all of which will be 30 minutes long. While the trailers feature uplifting music along with a number of quick and witty jokes, something tells me that this will not just be another light comedy series. As all the funny jokes and lines seem to be undercut by the fact that they are dealing with serious life issues, such as eviction, happiness, and (surprise surprise!) togetherness. The show will primarily focus on the day to day lives of two couples that are living in California under the same roof. The trailer pauses to display “Some people have it all figured out,” leading me to believe that Togetherness will focus on a group of individuals who are struggling to get their life together at an age in which their time to be young and immature is running out. But it certainly seems these characters are in touch with their youthful side as we them boogie boarding and clumsily dancing to music in a car. I could not help but be reminded of Girls when one of the characters asks, in a sullen voice, “What is your plan?” As it appears that Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna will not be the only ones trying to get their lives in the right direction in the New Year.

Togetherness certainly shows great potential for being a funny, yet heart wrenching comedy series, as the trailers evince that the Duplass brothers are planning to explore some very serious personal issues. We see Amanda Peet’s character deliver a few emotional, and certainly relatable, lines as she desperately wails, “Do you know what it is like to not have found anyone?” And additionally as the music in the trailer comes to a stop we see her again utter, “Do you see this smile….I’m dead inside.” Thus we certainly must brace ourselves for a few sorrowful moments. But what I feel makes this show so promising is the fact that it appears to have found a fitting balance between these sentimental and passionate moments, and the classic, witty HBO comedy fun we all know and love. The most recent trailer leaves off on a happy and hopeful note, as we see a man jumping on top off a bouncy house, two people throwing toilet paper at a house, and finally what appears to be the two families having a nice sit down dinner.

So check out the trailers below if you haven’t yet, and be sure to mark your calendars for 9:30 on January 11th to catch the premier.


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