Watch-Togetherness-OnlineThe Duplass Brothers are one of the hottest producing duos you probably haven’t heard of. From The League to Transparent and now their HBO show, Togetherness, there’s something about the way these two make films and television shows that makes them unique, funny and dramatic. Togetherness is a modest show about a normal family doing normal things. There’s a bit of everyday drama within their household and the first season ends with a bit of sexual drama. 

There are several ways to watch Togetherness online for free. HBO gives us a few different options so let’s go through them together.

Watch Togetherness with the Official HBO Apps: HBO Go and HBO Now

HBO has two different apps and official websites that give you full access to all of their programming. They both work a little differently but both of them allow you to watch Togetherness online for free with your subscription. HBO Go is the app you’ll get when you sign up for HBO the traditional way. It comes for free with your subscription and all you need to do to watch Togethrness is log in with your cable credentials. That’s it! 

streaming-togetherness-1024x554HBO Now is even less complicated. You can just sign up online without a cable subscription (all you need is the internet) and begin streaming all HBO shows including Togetherness for a low monthly rate. This isn’t exactly a free streaming option for Togetherness but it is the most effective way to get the job done.

Is Togetherness on Netflix or Hulu?

None of HBO’s programming (Togetherness included) is on Netflix or Hulu. The companies have been at “war” with one another over streaming rights and it just doesn’t make sense for a premium cable network to syndicate their content on a cheaper platform like Netflix or Hulu. Perhaps one day you’ll find Togetherness on Netflix but not this day.

Download Full Episodes of Togetherness on Amazon

If you’re not in a huge hurry or just want to catch up on past episodes of Togetherness you can always download full episodes of the show, and other shows on Amazon or iTunes. It’s about three dollars for an HD episode but you get them cheaper if you buy a whole season of Togetherness. You can download the full episodes and stream them whenever you want. If you’re offline you can also watch them directly from the digital file you’ve saved to your computer.

Wait for Togetherness on DVD or Blu-Ray

This isn’t exactly a streaming option for Togetherness but maybe you can rig something up! this is the most concrete way to own all of Togetherness in your collection. You can pick up a copy at your local retailer or grab one from Amazon as well. Hey, we know it’s the future but sometimes the future is hard. Get the real discs if you don’t want to worry about where Togetherness is streaming five years from now.  It also makes for a great gift.