Titles for Episodes 4 and 5 of “Game of Thrones” Revealed

Gameofthrones_S6E5-300x199Despite HBO’s extreme efforts to keep Game of Thrones spoilers under wraps this year, it seems that the titles for the fourth and fifth episodes of sixth season, which premiered April 24, have been leaked. The titles have been made available for those who visit HBO’S Asia webpage and view the schedule for Game of Thrones. According to the site, the fourth episode will be titled “Book of the Stranger,” and the fifth episode “The Door.”While HBO officially released the titles for the first three episodes of new season, this is the first we’ve heard about any episode titles coming after that. Although there is a possibility that these are not the official titles, they certainly offer interesting clues as to the subject of the upcoming episodes.

Although vague, “Book of the Stranger,” suggests a particularly morbid episode might be in store. The Stranger is one of the seven gods in Westeros, and represents death. There is no reference in George R.R. Martin’s book series, upon which the television show is based, of a book relating to the Stranger, so it will be interesting to see what is in store. The fact that the title references the new gods of Westeros might suggest an episode centering around the High Sparrow and his attempts to reform King’s Landing and beyond. The choice to feature the most dangerous and foreboding god in the title might foreshadow more trials ahead for Margaery Loras Tyrell who are currently imprisoned by the Faith of the Seven.

Perhaps even more ambiguous is the title for the fifth episode, “The Door.” There are certainly some memorable doors from the show– we were first introduced to the House of Black and White by it’s hulking door, and we have also witnessed the unpleasant fate one can meet at the Eyrie’s Moon Door. Whatever door the show is referencing, it will be interesting to see what lies behind it.

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