Time Warner Cable Now Offering HBO for Potential Cord-Cutters


Hot off the heels of Comcast’s decision to offer a small cable package that included only local channels along with HBO, Time Warner Cable is headed is now offering something similar.  Fun Fact: Time Warner Cable was formerly a subsidiary of Time Warner (go figure) the same parent company as HBO itself. 

There has been an on-going debate between cord cutters and cable aficionados about whether HBO should offer it’s TV anywhere service, HBOGo in a separate package so that customers aren’t forced to sign a contract with a cable company just to view Game of Thrones, True Blood or Boardwalk Empire.  This type of solution we’re seeing from Comcast and now TWC isn’t going to please the majority of that crowd as it does require a cable subscription though this package comes in at only $29.99.  On the other hand many HBO fans said they’d pay about $12 for JUST for HBO go on it’s own so perhaps those people will put their money where their mouth is and pick up this bundle.

We’ve also done a bit of our own research on the current cost of an HBO subscription (via cable at this point in time) and the average is about $16.  So I guess we’re arguing over about 4 bucks here!  I certainly understand the want and/or need to stay away from a cable bill that can balloon unexpectedly.  Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for cable companies looking to appeal to cord cutters or potential cord cutters out there.

More in the evolution of digital television and how it will affect your favorite HBO programs as it breaks.


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