Three Undeniable Nods to “Game of Thrones” in the Season Finale of “Westworld”

Westworld_KeyArt-300x109With the sound of spurs and gunshots echoing in our memories, the time for reflection is now upon us. Westworld was one of the biggest first series in HBO history, with a bountiful audience who actively dedicated their time to finding meaning in the jumbled and confusing timelines. Since the show finished there have been a plethora of theories circling about what could be in store in the following seasons.

In the feature-length original film of the same name for which the series was obviously based on, there are multiple worlds including a Medieval World. In an interview with Jonathon Nolan, he said that George RR Martin had floated the idea of a Westeros World, thus encouraging a crossover between Westworld and Game of Thrones. Nolan brushed this off saying that he is ‘flattered’ by this acknowledgment from the Game of Thrones mastermind, but he just can’t believe in dragons, as much as he would want to! What is so wonderful about the idea of a crossover between the two series are the multiple nods to Game of Thrones that have already appeared throughout Westworld‘s premiere season, mostly in the final few episodes. After all, Michelle MacLaren who has directed four episodes of Game of Thrones was at the helm of Westworld’s second to last episode. So it is no surprise that in there were a few nods to Game of Thrones. 

Wall of Faces
In the final episode, Ford (Hopkins) is sitting in front of a wall of face casts, presumably a decorative feature, which on the surface seems like quite a playful move but deeper down says something about Ford in this episode and perhaps about everyone else. Multiple identities, always watching – you get the picture. This wall is akin to the wall of faces from the most recent season of Game of Thrones where waifs can assume personalities of those who have died in order to carry out assassinations and remain invisible. Perhaps this little nod is alluding to the ways in which hosts have multiple personalities and are re-purposed throughout the park, assuming a new life and never having their own true identity.


Hand of the King
Logan’s pin in the last episode is extremely similar to the Hand of the King pin from Game of Thrones which is given to the person appointed by the King to be their adviser, thus making them the second most powerful person in the Seven Kingdoms. I’m not sure the relevance of why Logan is wearing such a similar pin, especially considering what happened to him in the following scenes. Perhaps implying that no matter what kind of power you think you have, it really doesn’t mean anything when Hosts start killing people.


Finally, in the scene where Teddy opens fires and massacres the town, a wolf runs past in the background. In this especially blurry screen shot, the wolf runs through the deceased bodies and out of shot, you almost can’t even see him, kind of like a ghost. Many fans have made the connection between this wolf and the direwolf companion of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. It doesn’t really show anything other than a potential combining of the two worlds.


These little nods are probably less to do with the idea of a crossover between two series and more of an homage to HBO’s other biggest show. The two shows combining just feel ridiculous and unnecessary and in all honesty, it is not something I would be interested in happening. The prospect of a Westeros World is a strange one and something that seems too unlikely to be true yet the theories are flying over the internet but they don’t look like anything to me.  Do they to you? 


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