Three Teams Left for Hard Knocks 2014?


It seems like only yesterday the Seattle Seahawks were on top of the world as Super Bowl champions to the delight of some and the bane of others. The off-season can be painful for NFL fans but thankfully it’s broken up by events such as the draft (this month) and training camp which takes place in the summer.

HBO has a mandate from the league to cover one of these training camps each year and we’ve previously discussed the eight teams that were in the official running to be featured.  But this week we’ve heard rumblings about that list being narrowed down even further, to THREE teams now, in fact.

The Chicago Bears

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The New York Giants

Here’s the tweet from an insider:

We can’t confirm this 100% and neither HBO nor the NFL have commented officially so take this with a grain of salt. It could still be any one of the eight we mentioned earlier. Here’s an NFL insider doubting the above tweet:

I mean… it COULD be one of those three, right? See, this is what happens in the off-season– people get desperate for NFL related news. But since the sports world spoke HBO’s name we thought we’d bring it to you and let decide.

NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell did have this to say at an Associated Press Reporters meeting the other day:

“There are several clubs that are interested in doing this. I just don’t have an update on which club, whether it’s going to be a volunteer or if it’s somebody who is going to have to fulfill the obligation. But I’m sure that decision will be made pretty soon.”

What does “pretty soon” mean? I guess we’ll find out before summer training camp.

Who do you want to see on Hard Knocks in 2014?

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