Three Season 4 Mini Teaser Trailers & 18 Posters

HBO let slip the dogs of war this afternoon when they launched a full-frontal assault via social media in anticipation of Game of Thrones season 4.  Via sites such as IGN, Entertainment Weekly and YahooTV we were treated to a collection of Game of Thrones teaser posters as well as these three mini trailers.  I’m guessing 98% of you aren’t reading this anyway so I’ll get to the goods:




Oh and they also let loose these badass posters which we gathered and put into a Facebook album for your browsing pleasure.  Click on one and then just keep clicking once you get to Facebook for the rest.

As you know already Game of Thrones season 4 airs starting April 6th. All men (and women) must die so hold on to your loved ones.


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