This Just In: Russell Simmons Brings South Beach to HBO


HBOWatch has already noted that Russell Simmons has returned to HBO with a development deal. Now he has made his choice and is teaming up with John Singleton to bring it to life. They are calling it CLUB LIFE: MIAMI. The story will take us to the highly pumped up world of the South Beach club scene and will “follow a reformed criminal who moves to Miami and gains a new lease on life as he embraces the vibrant, youthful and transgressive world.”  

People_SingletonThe project is to be directed and produced by Mr. Singleton who is best known for Boyz In the Hood. He will take us to the hip, exciting city of Miami which is quite popular as Dwayne Johnson is also down there with BALLERS. So the club and sports scene at South Beach is well represented for HBO.  Executive producer Russell Simmons is also developing a project for HBO with Steve McQueen. 

It is great to have DEF JAMS’ Simmons back at HBO now with some dramatic content.          

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