This Just In: PARADE’S END Premiere Date Set

UPDATE – OFFICIAL NEWS FROM HBO PROPER: From the reliable comforts of Edwardian England to the chaos and destruction of the First World War, the early 20th century was a defining era in history, a time of unprecedented change, when old certainties were being torn down. The long golden afternoons of the pre-war years would be shattered by the most destructive war the world had ever known, and countless lives would be changed forever.

Set against this backdrop of impending catastrophe is the story of English aristocrat Christopher Tietjens, trapped in a marriage to an unfaithful wife, and caught between his commitment to the values of Toryism and his unspoken love for a fearless young suffragette.

Spanning the glittering, shallow world of London high society, the trench-scarred battlefields of France, and the breathtaking English countryside, the sweeping five-part HBO Miniseries presentation PARADE’S END debuts TUESDAY, FEB. 26 (9:00-11:05 p.m. ET/PT), WEDNESDAY, FEB. 27 (9:00-11:05 p.m.) and THURSDAY, FEB. 28 (9:00-10:00 p.m.), exclusively on HBO. Adapted from Ford Madox Ford’s groundbreaking novels by Sir Tom Stoppard (Oscar®-winner for “Shakespeare in Love”), the drama was directed by Susanna White (HBO’s Emmy®-winning “Generation Kill”).

EDITOR’S UPDATE:  Just want to make clear that the following is unconfirmed by HBO itself and may very well be a typo or clerical error.  We’ll update here when we have official word on a premiere date.  One has not formally been announced by HBO at this time.  Premiere dates are not regularly announced via TV Guide’s schedule page.  We’ll stay on this.  Either way Parade’s End is confirmed to be airing on HBO this year!

Here we are on verge of a brand new year with a bit of news about the highly ParadesEnd_posteranticipated miniseries PARADE’S END. As this post’s title eludes a premiere date on HBO may be set. Don’t forget that it has been a mystery as to when this joint BBC/HBO program would premiere on HBO as it has already aired in the UK in August of 2012. As you’ll read this mystery continues as I cannot find confirmation of that date anywhere else, not even from HBO itself.

FEBRUARY 26th is the date listed by TV GUIDE Magazine as the premiere date of the 5-episode series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. While flipping through the Guide’s Winter Preview edition, which highlights the new and returning shows making it to air in Jan/Feb., I noted a number of programs of which PARADE’S END was not mentioned. However, if you look at the calendar pages created and note the entry for 02.26 there is typed PARADE’S END (HBO).Well, with that nugget of information further online investigation was required.

And TV_Guidethere is where the mystery continues. The TV Guide website itself has no listing of a confirmed date for the miniseries. Its Winter Preview piece is a photo gallery of upcoming shows with no mention of it either. You would think the magazine and the website would have the same information; it all confuses the issue. No other sites I frequent have listed this premiere date or any date for that matter.

There is one more little conundrum involved. Though I predicted in a previous post that PARADE’S END would premiere in February 2013 I didn’t think it would air that late in the month. Also the 26th is a Tuesday. It almost sounds like HBO is wedging the miniseries between its GIRLS/ENLIGHTENED block and GAME OF THRONES at an odd time and weeknight. Another indication that they appear to be quietly airing the work is because of the HBO GUIDE. Each month I consult the online guide has. It lists information about the programming for the month for both HBO and Cinemax. The last page in the PDF file is a brief look of what is coming in the next month. So, at the end of January’s Guide is the “Coming in February” page and it highlights three theatrical movies forthcoming; there is no mention of PARADE’S END coming as a highlight in the second month of the new year.


So, is PARADE’S END premiering on February 26th? Will it air in five separate installments or in a more condensed version? Am I being impatient?  Now, we just have to wait for collaboration to confirm this date is legitimate. The mystery may soon come to an end.


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