This Just In – HBO’s VICE Episodes Appearing On


Episodes of VICE Season One that aired on HBO this spring are now becoming available for non-subscribers. VICE has announced that four full episodes will be up and running online at

First to appear is Episode One –“Killer Kids” which features the installments ASSASINATION NATION and KILLER KIDS OF THE TALIBAN. It is on the site already. Joining it in the days ahead will be Episode Four – “Love & Rockets” featuring CHINESE COCKBLOCK and EUROPEAN MELTDOWN; Episode Nine –“Gangs and Oil” with the  CHIRAQ and NIGERIA’S OIL PIRATES pieces and Episode Ten – “The Hermit Kingdom” about the basketball diplomacy trip to North Korea.

There is no word on whether all ten episodes of this exciting Emmy nominated series will appear on or not but it does give non-subscribers to HBO a chance to see the world through the eyes of VICE that subscribes have gotten to witness. There is also no word on when Season Two of VICE will air on HBO but HBOWatch will be waiting when it does. Until then see the entire Season One on HBOGo or  select episodes at Check it out!


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