This Just In: HBO Summer Preview 2013


If  you didn’t catch this advertisement before the premiere of TRUE BLOOD well then here it is. It highlights the shows, top movies, sports and documentaries that will air from June – September 2013.

That lineup looks pretty awesome. Of course, some of it was no surprise. Fans of HBO’s series know exactly what time of year the favorite series air. This summer gives us three great yet totally different dramatic ones – TRUE BLOOD, THE NEWSROOM and BOARDWALK EMPIRE premiering one a month this summer. A glimpse from the world of Nucky Thompson gives us a big shootout at marker :05 and Bill Compton scares Sookie Stackhouse in the frames right after that. So, you can expect some tense moments from each show this summer. Even Will McAvoy looks pretty intense. On the comedic front we can’t forget EASTBOUND AND DOWN and the series premiere of HELLO LADIES (check out that one at marker :46.)

On the movie front it looks like some pretty big gets for HBO. It will air sometime over the next four months Oscar winning and nominated films Life Of Pi, Les Miserables, Anna Karenina and the Best Picture winner of the year Argo. And to complete that category we have to add the action pic The Bourne Legacy and a comedy with TED.

Plus, add the presence of Bill Maher, Bryant Gumbel, Jim Lampley and a card full of pugilistic fighters and the summer is packed heavy. And hust when you think the summer is full enough we add Larry David’s HBO Film: CLEAR HISTORY, seen at marker 1:22 and a set of attention getting documentaries and you will clearly see that the summer was made for HBO.

Wow, that tiger DOES look real!

Come back to HBOWatch and let us know what you are watching this summer. We’ll be right here.


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