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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQEYuKXMmSpHfKb4gyBZFpiNdvmZThqjHIt5pKx4GGdpLmbqUWXAfter a number of teams have turned down the offer to be on HBO’s HARD KNOCKS and other NFL franchises openly stated that they would decline if offered and even after the Jacksonville Jaguars volunteered to be the featured team, a invited team has taken the deal.

The Miami Dolphins will be the featured squad in the seventh season of the sport documentary series. The coach of the team Joe Philbin said that the decision to put the team in front of the lens was a “football decision” and that it would aid in “showing a new identity” to the fan base. The Dolphins come off a 10-6 season and feature Philbin as their new head coach.

The show is on the fast track as the production team moves down to Florida to be present for training camp. HARD KNOCKS will premiere on August 7th and air Tuesday nights on HBO. So football and Miami Dolphin fans the process went down to the 11th hour as they say but, HARD KNOCKS 2012 is a go and I’m sure HBO is happy to get the production underway. See you for some football!

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