This Just In About…a Larry David Movie

Larry-DavidThe Los Angeles Times has a exclusive report about a Larry David project. The information comes from a source close to the project that wishes to remain anonymous. Keep in mind that this movie is not a guarantee at this time but, if it is HBOWatch and most of its followers should be very happy.

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM’s mastermind Larry David had been developing a under-the-radar feature that had a go at Fox Searchlight. It was to star the likes of Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton and David himself. Though greatly influenced and conceived by Mr. David the film is to be directed by Greg Mattola (he recently directed a episode of THE NEWSROOM). The details of this movie have not been revealed nor has its title. What has been leaked out, however, is that Fox Searchlight is no longer involved in the project. Talks are now under way to have the David project to PREMIERE ON HBO instead.

You read that right fans! Though we may not see a CURB YOUR ENTHUSIAM Season 9 we may still get our dose of Larry David if and when this movie premieres on our favorite pay channel. For now, according to the LA Times HBO has denied any comment. HBOWatch will keep an eye on this project and see what develops.


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