THE YOUNG POPE Drops Tease and Debuts in Europe Before HBO Screening

The limited series THE YOUNG POPE with Jude Law is a collaborative production. HBO has made it in joint with the two big production houses across Europe – Sky and Canal+. Together, under the care of famed Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, the eight-episode series for a home audience. However, before appearing on HBO later this year it is slated to air across Europe, including the U. K. and Ireland first.

If you need a bit of a refresher on THE YOUNG POPE check out our reporting on the production and take in the Teaser that has turned up. The following clip is not a U. S. HBO promotional video, but an official trailer for its European launch.

Uh, does that illustrate an example of an enigma wrapped in an enigma or what?  His first words we hear are “I am a contradiction.” Jude Law is Pius XIII, the first American Pope and as we get our first moving images of him we see he is one deep thinker. Over the course of his story we will see him struggle with God, faith and humanity It also seems, from this clip, that he also struggles with the power of his office.

It also, of course, gives us a bit of mystery to get us to want to tune in. Somehow I don’t think he is out in that parking lot blessing that fleet of trucks, is he? It also leaves us with the question of what “Revolution” is he all about. Is it a spiritual one or something more human? There are just no clues at this point. However, Pius XIII wouldn’t be the first Pope up to questionable deeds in history, now would he?

I guess we in America will have to wait our turn and let the Old World get the story first airing in October. We will look for it on HBO, hopefully, at the tail-end of the year and let you know of an exact debut date and an HBO trailer as soon as we know anything more of THE YOUNG POPE.

(Source: Vulture)

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